When driving a car, no one is safe from an attack. What weapons do car owners prefer? What is the best way to protect yourself from an attack or aggression on the road?


In 2019 a survey was conducted among drivers regarding self-defense weapons. The age of the respondents is from 18 to 55 years.

According to the survey, more than 60% of car owners keep self-defense weapons in their cars. 34% of the drivers do not see the need for self-defense weapons, and 6% said they would not be able to use a weapon, even if they had one.

23.6% of respondents indicated that they have flashbang devices, various knives and other sharp objects in their car. However, it should be noted that in accordance with the law "On weapons" their use can cause negative consequences for their owner.

In the blog article Forbidden self-defense weapons we wrote in detail what weapons are prohibited for carrying and use for self-defense.

A slightly smaller number of respondents - 16.3% - prefer pepper sprays as an inexpensive and popular means of self-defense. The other 14.8% who took part in the survey carry improvised weapons in their car, such as baseball bats.

A much less popular self-defense means among drivers is traumatic handguns and other weapons that require a permit - they are owned by 3.4% of respondents. And only 2% of car owners opt for a stun gun.


Regardless of what self-defense means you choose, you shouldn`t exceed the necessary defense in the event of an attack, as this can lead to negative consequences for the defender. It is illegal to use weapons prohibited by the Federal law "On weapons".

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