Attack on the street, domestic conflict and violence, a rape attempt or robbery, or aggression from homeless or unleashed dogs can happen to anyone. It is important to choose the best self-defense means, apply and operate them correctly. Civilian stun guns can be purchased at the age of 18 without permits or licenses.





Effective self-defense with a stun gun

Follow these rules to protect yourself in any dangerous situation:

Read the instructions for the stun gun attentively, do some training activations of the electroshock discharger. When you are using a stun gun it is allowed to hold the target: the discharge passes between the combat electrodes along the shortest path, so the owner of the stun gun will not be subjected to electric influence.

Check the charge level of the battery regularly. When the safety is turned on, there is a slow self-discharge of the battery, so it is recommended to recharge it once every 3-4 months.

Keep your weapon ready. If the stun gun is in your backpack or bag, you will not have time to get it out and use it during a conflict. If there is a danger of an attack, keep the stun gun in your hand or carry it in a belt case or in your pocket.

If you are attacked in winter or in rain, and the offender is dressed in heavy clothing, choose more open areas of the body (hips, neck), and press the stun gun tightly to the target.

Contact the police if you have been attacked.

Stun gun against aggressive dogs

Stun gun is an effective self-defense means against stray dogs. With a stun gun, you can drive away a pack of dogs or protect yourself if they attack.

Dogs are afraid of an unexpected loud discharge sound. In most cases, it is enough to turn the blank discharge on for a few seconds to drive away an aggressive dog.

Flashbang cartridge KSSH will work flawlessly even on a pack of dogs. Loud sound and bright flash of explosion will effectively scare them.

Video: shooting a flashbang cartridge. 4500 frames/sec

Watch other videos.

If you have a dog, a stun gun will help break up a dog fight, or protect your dog from a wild pack.

Dog fights can result in serious injuries or even the death of small dogs.

Make your dog get used to the sound of a discharge, turn the stun gun on in a safe place, and over time the dog will stop being afraid of it.

Самооборона против агрессивных собак

Stun gun is a humane self-defense weapon. In most cases a blank discharge or flashang cartridge is sufficient to drive away an aggressive dog. If you are forced to use the stun gun contact, the electroshock influence will not cause long-term consequences for the animal's health.


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Stun gun is a reliable non-lethal self-defense weapon that effectively stops an offense and does not cause long-term consequences for the person`s health. The stun gun can be used remotely or contact against offenders or aggressive animals.

You can legal and effective self-defense weapons in your city's gun stores and online with delivery .

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