When discussing self-defense, some mention that they carry knives, batons, and brass knuckles or have them in their cars. They believe that these weapons are well suited for self-defense. In this article, we will explain why this is illegal and dangerous, and answer the question, what legal self-defense weapons should citizens choose?





Legislation: prohibited carrying and use of various types of weapons

Why can't I use knives, brass knuckles, and other cold weapons for self-defense?

Firstly, such weapons are expressly prohibited by Federal law no. 150-FZ "On weapons", article no.6 "Restrictions imposed on the circulation of civilian and service weapons".

According to this article, the following weapons are prohibited in the Russian Federation:


- throwing weapons, brass knuckles and other specially adapted items intended for the use as weapons with a shock-crushing and throwing function;


- bladed weapons and knives;


- stun guns, the parameters of which exceed the parameters approved by legislation,... and the weapons, produced outside Russian Federation.

Article 24 regulates the use of civilian weapons for self-defense. According to it, citizens of the Russian Federation can use their weapons on legal grounds to protect their life, health and property in a state of necessary defense or extreme necessity.

Illegal self-defense weapons

Secondly, when using a knife, one can accidentally inflict serious bodily harm or kill the opponent. Inflicting injuries with a knife in a fight will be recognized as exceeding the necessary self-defense, the court will be on the side of the injured offender, even if the attacked person was in real danger.

In a fight, it is difficult to control the weapon and assess the severity of the injury, and there is a high probability of getting injured yourself. In reality, self-defense weapons are used "wherever possible", and only repeated use can be more targeted.

What legal self-defense weapon should you choose?

You can read about legal self-defense weapons in the blog section: SELF-DEFENSE on our website.

Stun gun is a reliable non-lethal self-defense weapon that effectively stops an offense and does not cause long-term consequences for the person`s health. The stun gun can be used remotely or contact against offenders or aggressive animals.

You can legal and effective self-defense weapons in your city's gun stores and online with delivery .

Read more about stun guns in the blog section STUN GUN REVIEW:


Self-defense means must be effective, legal, and not cause serious harm to the offender. It is important to study the legislation, evaluate the legality of self-defense, and remember the possible consequences of using the weapons.


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