There are many examples when taxi passengers were attacked when the driver left the route or provoked a conflict. For women, the risk of getting into an unpleasant situation is especially high. When using taxi services, you must follow several basic safety rules.


Safety rules for taxi passengers:

  1. An important rule to follow is to order a car only from trusted transport companies. Do not use the services of taxi drivers who stand at the metro exits late in the evening or at night, when public transport stops running, and offer to take you home. Usually, waiting for a taxi for popular services takes only a few minutes. The operator or service app will tell you the order number and the car license plate number. If another car arrived to pick you up, cancel the trip.
  2. Sit in the back seat, then the driver will not be able to harm you while driving.
  3. Track the route of your ride. If the driver deviates from the route, ask for an explanation or ask to stop in order to leave the car if necessary.
  4. Tell your family and friends the license plate number of the car, especially if you find the driver's behavior suspicious while driving.
  5. Don't agree to pick up other passengers.
  6. In case of need for defense, if criminal actions are committed against you, use a suitable effective self-defense weapon.

Suitable for self-defense:

The use of a stun gun allows you to quickly neutralize the enemy, deprives him of the opportunity to continue the attack. Hold the device firmly against the attacker's body and press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. High-voltage influence of the stung gun causes the effect of neuromuscular incapacitation, the object of influence can`t move in a coordinated manner.

Important: do not use a stun gun against the driver when the vehicle is in motion.

Not suitable for self-defense:

  • In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, it is forbidden to use a knife or brass knuckles for self-defense.
  • You can't use pepper spray or a gas gun inside the car: indoors you will also be exposed to irritating substances in the spray.
  • The minimum range of use of a traumatic weapon is usually 2-3 meters, depending on its model. The use of weapons in the car can lead to serious injury or even death of the target.

It is important to remember that your actions should not exceed the limits of the necessary defense.

Safety rules for taxi passengers

If you are attacked, contact the police.

If you think the driver's behavior is dangerous, write a complaint to the taxi service. The organization will check the driver, and if they find violations of the rules or receive several complaints, the driver will be suspended from work.

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