STUN GUN is an electroshock device, self-defense weapon, certified for use in Russia, effective for self-defense against offenders and animals, that uses high-voltage electrical discharge.

High-power stun guns are an effective weapon for self-defense.

According to the Russian law “On arms” it is legal to buy only stun guns made in Russia (see Article 6).




SMALL SIZE. Stun guns can easily be carried in a pocket or in a bag, they are convenient for everyday use. Even a small stun gun is effective as a self-defense weapon.

ALWAYS READY FOR USE. Power supply element of a stun gun is a battery, it is easy to keep it charged and ready for use. Stun guns have an indication system that shows battery`s status, so that a user can charge it when the charge level is too low.

CAN BE USED IN CLOSED SPACES. Stun gun is the only self-defense weapon that can be used in closed spaces (lifts, apartment building entrances, cars).

EFFECTIVE AGAINST STRAY DOGS. The sound of electrical discharge scares off stray dogs without causing them physical harm.

ELECTRIC DISCHARGE IS NON-LETHAL. Using electroshock weapons does not cause lasting damage to object`s health and isn`t dangerous to one`s life.

STUN GUN IS SAFE FOR ITS USER. If a stun gun is turned on accidentally it will not affect the user or people around.

ACCESSIBLE. There are no additional costs associated with the use of stun guns.

EASY TO CHECK. User can always check the operation of a stun gun right before using it.

NO NEED FOR TRAININGS. No training is required before obtaining a stun gun. All information about the use and maintenance of stun guns is written in its user`s manual.

 Stun guns for self-defense. Stun gun advantages




STUN GUN CAN KILL. This is not true. No lethal incidents associated with stun guns have been registered in Russia.

WHEN USING A STUN GUN, IT`S NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH AN OBJECT. This is a false fact. High-voltage discharge is transferred from one combat electrode on another, and the defeat zone in only where the stun gun contacts the body. It is allowed to hold a person when using a stun gun against him.

STUN GUNS MADE IN CHINA ARE MORE EFFECTIVE, THAN ONES MADE IN RUSSIA. Stun guns made in China are not allowed for self-defense and prohibited by the law “On arms”, article 6. NONE of the stun guns are certifies, their claimed parameters are not real.

ANIMALS ARE AFRAID OF OZONE. This is not true. Aggressive dogs can`t tell from a several meters distance, how the discharge smells. Dogs are afraid of the loud sound that they hear for the first time and can`t identify whether it`s safe or not.

 Facts and myths about stun guns




To buy a stun gun legally in Russia, you should make sure that the stun gun meet these requirements:

MADE IN RUSSIA. Stun gun should be made in Russia.

SHOULD HAVE A CERTIFICATE. Stun gun should be certified.

1ST CLASS. According to the GOST standard on electroshock devices the stun guns of the 2,3,4,5 class are not an effective self-defense weapon and can only scare off dogs. The 1st class stun gun is a high-power stun gun.

SHOULD HAVE A TRANSFORMER SYSTEM. The most effective and high-power stun guns are those with transformer systems.

LITHIUM BATTERY. Have you decided to buy stun gun for self-defense? It isn`t recommended to buy stun guns operation on batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries or nickel cadmium batteries. The most modern batteries are lithium or lithium-polymer batteries.

DISTANCE BETWEEN COMBAT ELECTRODES – 40 mm. To increase the efficiency of stun gun use, choose stun guns with the biggest distance allowed between working electrodes – around 40 mm. This distance determines the circuit loop, that goes through an object when the stun gun is used.

GOOD ERGONOMICS. Stun gun should be convenient for everyday use.