OBERON-ALPHA - is a Russian developer and manufacturer of non-lethal police tasers and civilian stun guns for self-defense. We are based in Moscow, we have a license for the development and production of weapons. For convenience of work with our customers and clients, we opened an ONLINE STORE of stun guns and an office with a showroom.

All our products are unique and have patents for inventions and utility models. All our products are certified in accordance with GOST R 50940-96 "Electroshock devices. General technical conditions": this ensures that the weapons comply with the requirements of the legislation and their use will be legal and effective.



We develop and produce police special equipment:

  • Smart Police tasers: stun gun ZEUS, stun gun PHANTOM
  • Police multi-shot smart stun gun HYBRID: dual-shot taser that can simultaneously influence two targets, contact impact on the target and equipped with a replaceable magazine for 2 cartridges, removable lithium battery, identification system and a patented system of protection against unintentional shots.
  • Cartridges for remote influence: cartridges KD and KD+ with a shot range of 5 and 10 m, flashbang cartridges KSSH.
  • Police shield "STENA" for riot control.
  • Weapons made to order: development, production of equipment according to customer`s demands.


We use Neuromuscular incapacitation NMI technology in our weapons. This technology guarantees influence with effective high-voltage high-frequency impulses which help to stop an offender quickly.

Stun guns influence an object with the impulses of high frequency that cause neuromuscular incapacitation. Transformer system of the stun guns is executed from the high-precision materials and forms an effective contour with the influenced area. The contour transfers the defeat energy from the device to the object as special impulses that block the nervous system. High-voltage impulses block sensory and motor nerves of the biological object.

Neuromuscular incapacitation is effective against aggressors with high pain tolerance level (drug abusers, persons under stress, prepared and trained opponents who can withstand the influence with pain or can put up a fight despite the pain). Electrical impact of a stun gun allows to control objects` actions and doesn`t allow him to show any resistance or break the contact during application of the weapon.


OBERON-ALPHA produces civilian weapons: stun guns for self-defense (pocket-sized and baton stun guns. Their efficiency is comparable to law enforcement tasers. Every stun gun has a high-voltage transformer contour that allows creating stable defeat impulses and stimulates pain without any loss of power and efficiency.

Stun guns for self-defense have 50W or more power of influence and can stop an attack quickly, are not dangerous for person`s life and health and do not cause long-term changers in person`s body.

Our weapons have maximum efficiency permitted by law.

Stun guns for self-defense and police tasers can be used with remote cartridges.

OBERON-ALPHA is a part of OBERON holding. Our company specializes on modern developments for special police equipment and self-defense weapons market.



Stun guns and equipment for law enforcement.


Remote-contact stun gun for self-defense with a lithium-polimer battery, flashlight, Picatinny mounting rail.


Efficient stun gun for self-defense and for police. Buy remote stun gun online


Cartridges are used for remote electroshock and psychophycial influence.

Smoke cartridges

Smoke/fog cartridges for car alarms, building security alarm systems and shows.


System for ATM/terminal protection to guarantee the safety of money.


Electroshock protection device for the protection of perimeters, military stationary objects.

Stun gun PHANTOM

Efficient stun gun made for contact or remote use for professional service purposes by police.


Compact stun gun for self-defense. Produced in two models.


Stun gun is electric weapon for civilians, safe for the user and effective for self-defense against the attacks of offenders and animals by using series of non-lethal high voltage discharges with electric current.

Stun guns made in Russia can be purchased and carried without special permission: (see Federal law No. 150-FZ "On weapons", article 13).

Stun guns made in China are not allowed on the territory of Russia as they do not meet the requirements of Russian regulatory legislation. Online stores where you can buy stuns gun for self-defense made in China are selling them illegally (according to the law "On weapons"). Read more: STUN GUN REVIEW.


For the convenience of interaction with customers, we have opened an online store where you can buy powerful stun guns class 1: classic, shooting, stun batons, not inferior in efficiency to police models. Customers who have registered on the site, have access to a personal account, where you can track the status of the order, receive information on previous orders, use discount coupons, as well as bonuses for the next purchase.

Please note that you do not need a license, medical references or legal permission to buy a stun gun. You need only your passport. (according to the law “On arms”, article 18 and Government decree 19.01.1998 N 55).

-Certificate. Stun guns must have a certificate confirming the legality and compliance with the legislation.
-Contact or remote-contact. Stun guns for civilians can have only contact function (stun gun AVATAR) or remote-contact function (stun gun PHANTOM, ZEUS).
-Transformer. The most effective stun guns that can be used for self-defense effectively are transformer stun guns. Condenser stun guns with the similar power parameters have lower efficiency.
-Combat electrodes. To increase the efficiency of the electric discharge, it is necessary to choose devices with the largest possible distance between the combat electrodes. This distance determines the size of current loop passing through the target. This distance is limited by law: it cannot be more than 40mm.
-Cutting electrodes. To guarantee that discharge penetrates thick winter clothes, it is necessary to use stun guns with a large visible blank discharge: the distance between the cutting (control) electrodes characterizes the thickness of the clothes that the discharge can penetrate.
-Lithium battery. It is recommended to buy stun guns with lithium batteries, because they provide high input power of the electrical circuit, and allow to reduce the weight and size of the stun gun, make it more convenient to use, charge fully in only 40 minutes.
-Ergonomics. When buying a stun gun, pay attention to its ergonomics: a wrist strap, rubber inserts and activation button and accessories for everyday use.


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  • You can send your questions to us from FAQ page.
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OBERON-ALPHA manufactures:

  • SMOKE CARTRIDGES: designed to be used in security equipment, alarms and warning systems to improve their efficiency, as well as in systems for marking the location of objects. Smoke cartridge works by igniting the pyrotechnic composition when there is electric current. As a result, a cloud of colored smoke is formed from the chemical components of the cartridge without any fire.
  • HIGH-VOLTAGE BARRIERS: electroshock system KRAPIVA is developed to protect stationary objects from trespassing. Using electroshock system allows to raise security level and lower the risk that an offender gets on restricted territory and to react in time to the committed crime.
  • SYSTEMS FOR ATM AND TERMINAL PROTECTION: System FAUST-TERMINAL is customized for particular type of ATM and is developed to prevent theft of money from ATMs as well as ATMs themselves. ATM with FAUST-TERMINAL system is protected from: thermal and mechanical cutting, opening by force, lock picking, opening it with explosives, as well as theft of the ATM itself(unauthorized transportation).