Dangers that await us in the city include the possibility of robbery, assault on the street or in the first floor of the apartment building, rape. To minimize the likelihood of becoming a crime victim, it`s important to follow safety rules in the street. These rules are relevant for all people, regardless of gender and age.


It is preferable to avoid an attack than to become its victim and be forced to use self-defense. Follow these rules, recommended by criminologists, to lower the chances of an attack.

Safety rules in the street. How to avoid being attacked

Safety rules in the street:
1. The most dangerous time when an attack is most likely to occur is night. To protect yourself, if possible, avoid walking in the streets. If you are concerned about possible danger, it is better to take a taxi home rather than walk. Plan your route in such a way as to avoid deserted and dark places, follow well-lit streets, do not walk through yards, parks, do not go down into underground passages. If possible, ask a family member to meet you at a public transport stop or at the entrance to your house.
2. Attacks also often take place in underground crossings and pedestrian bridges. They are often deserted and poorly lit, and in a limited space it is more difficult to escape from the criminal to a safe place. In such places, it is less likely that someone will notice that a crime is being committed and help the victim. If possible, we recommend avoiding such places.
3. Walk fast to lower the possibility of an unexpected attack from the back. Don't wear headphones so that you can hear someone approaching you in time. Do not unblock your mobile phone, so as not to attract attention.
4. One of the techniques used by criminals is to start a conversation with the victim to come closer or distract them. Give short answers and don't stop, keep your distance. Be careful, even if the request seems sincere. It is better to seem impolite than to get into trouble for wanting to avoid an awkward situation.

Following these precautions will ensure your safety on the street and in public places.

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