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  • AVATAR is an efficient contact electroshock weapon. It is an effective weapon for self-defense against offenders and agg..

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AVATAR is an efficient contact electroshock weapon. It is an effective weapon for self-defense against offenders and aggressive animals.



Stun gun AVATAR is a modern electrical weapon that should be used for self-defense against offenders or aggressive animals. AVATAR influences an offender with the series of high-voltage electrical impulses of high voltage current.


Development and manufacture. Certificate

AVATAR is developed and manufactured in Russia, Moscow and is certified in Russia. To buy stun gun AVATAR a customer should only provide his passport, no license, medical certificate or permission is needed.

High-voltage stun technology

Stun gun AVATAR causes neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI).

Stun gun AVATAR can disable muscles of the stunned object in the defeat area: an object stops controlling the flexing of muscles, falls down and loses physical strength. It can cause dizziness up to the point of losing consciousness. Peripheral nervous system in the defeat zone gets suppressed, which suppresses the whole nervous system. Electrical impulses don`t allow nervous signals, that are sent from the brain to the muscles, control object`s actions.

Electrical influence of the stun gun AVATAR is tuned to get the maximum effect from any circumstances: when used through thick clothes or in direct contact with the skin. Neuromuscular incapacitation technology allows using high-frequency impulses in our stun guns. High frequency of the transformer efficiently scares away stray dogs.


Initial power of the stun gun AVATAR is 50 W. High initial power of the stun gun produces high-voltage discharges that are as efficient as those generated by police tasers.

Stun gun AVATAR has the biggest distance between combat electrodes – 40 mm, that allows to create the biggest current path (the distance that the current travels). The distance between control electrodes is 21 mm (electric arch during blank discharge) which makes it effective when used through winter clothes.

Due to AVATAR`s transformer system it is possible to stun an offender though thick winter or leather clothes.

AVATAR: Features

AVATAR has a durable inbuilt lithium-polymer battery. Stun gun operates well in low temperatures, charges quickly and holds charge for a long time. Battery h=is protected from short circuits and drainage.


Efficiency of the contact stun gun

Stun gun AVATAR should be used in direct contact with an offender.

Contact use against a target: contact use against live target. To do this, you need to bring the combat electrodes directly to the body of the attacker and turn on the high-voltage discharge. It is efficient in closed spaces (halls, elevators, cars) in situations when on offender is close and it is impossible to use a shooting stun gun or other self-defense weapons.

It is effective against aggressive animals.

Concealed use

Stun gun AVATAR is small and easily fits in a pocket, has black electrodes that don`t reflect light and can be used unexpectedly for an offender. It has rubber pads and activation button that guarantee firm grip. A wrist strap is included in the standard set.


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Stun gun AVATAR is produced in two models: Avatar Classic (black&grey) and Avatar Gold (black&bronze), has ergonomic curved shape.

It has a lithium-polymer battery and automatic charging device. Power button is made from elastic non-slip silicone with a light indication of battery charge level. Avatar has silicone panels on its sides for a better grip.

Dimentions: 140х51х29mm. Weight: 185g.


Packaging AVATAR


  1. Stun gun AVATAR;
  2. Automatic charging device;
  3. Wrist strap;
  4. User`s manual;
  5. Packaging;
  6. Guarantee list, certificate.


  • Belt case.
  • Case-file.
  • Wrist straps.
Incoming power, W, not less than 50
Maximum voltage of a blank discharge on the combat electrodes, V 90000
Power of influence (maximal allowed), W, not less than 3
Weight, kg 0,185
Dimensions Length-x-Height-x-Width, mm 140х51х29
Climate conditions operates in temperature range from -15 °С to +50 °С and relative humidity up to 98% at +25 °С
Distance between combat electrodes, mm 40
Distance between control electrodes, mm 21
Cycles of operation with a fully charged battery 80
Battery inbuilt rechargeable LiPOL accumulator battery 7,4V, 600 mAh
Charging cycles of the battery, not less than 500

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