Taser X3 stun Gun: impact

  • Electric current must pass freely between the harpoons or electrodes to transmit an electric discharge, the current passes along a path of less resistance.
  • The greater the distance between the harpoons, the higher the efficiency.
  • The current does not pass through people who are touched by the object of impact, if there is no direct contact with harpoons or wires.
  • Exposure to water will not affect the power (the transmitted electric charge is created inside the TASER and will not increase due to changes in the external environment).

 Taser Taser X3: impact

  • Alternating Pulse technology distributes the discharge to 3 cartridges. This is alternative to the standard pulse applied to multiple cartridges allows you to neutralize up to 3 people simultaneously using the TASER with the same efficiency that was previously possible only with 3 separate devices.
  • The Alternating Pulse technology allows cross-connecting harpoons (X-connectionTM technology), which makes the TASER X3 effective even if some harpoons from several cartridges are not fixed on the target. If one upper and one lower harpoon are fixed to a person, the circuit can be closed, even if the harpoons were fired from different cartridges.
  • PulseTM Pulse Calibration System is designed to adjust the current according to the requirements of the situation. If two harpoons hit the target but one contact is weak, the TASER will adjust to increase the effectiveness of the weak contact. If all the harpoons from two or more cartridges hit the same person, the system will adjust the current to get the same effect as from a single cartridge.
  • Medical tests have shown that modern implanted defibrillators can withstand significantly higher exposure than that provided by TASER.
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