OBERON-ALPHA - is a Russian developer and manufacturer of non-lethal police tasers and civilian stun guns for self-defense. We are based in Moscow, we have a license for the development and production of weapons. Visit our ONLINE STORE  and our showroom.

All our products are unique and have patents for inventions and utility models. 



Stun gun is an effective weapon for civilians and police, safe for the user and effective for professional use and self-defense against the attacks of offenders and animals by using series of non-lethal high voltage discharges with electric current.

Stun guns made in Russia can be purchased for self-defense and carried without special permission: (see Federal law No. 150-FZ "On weapons", article 13).

Stun guns made in China are not allowed to be imported and sold on the territory of Russia as they do not meet the requirements of Russian regulatory legislation. Online stores where you can buy stuns gun for self-defense made in China are selling them illegally (according to the law "On weapons"). Read more: STUN GUN REVIEW.


For the convenience of interaction with customers, we have opened an online store where you can buy powerful stun guns (class 1): contact stun gun, shooting stun gun (taser), stun batons, that are as efficient as police models. 

OBERON-ALPHA produces police equipment:

  • Police stun guns:
    - stun gun baton ZEUS (models ZEUS L, ZEUS M, ZEUS S);
    - stun gun PHANTOM.
  • Stun gun HYBRID: dual-charge stun gun that can impact two targets with electric discharge simultaneously, contact impact on the target and equipped with a replaceable magazine for 2 shots, removable lithium battery, identification system and a patented system of protection against unintentional shots.
  • Remote cartridges: KD and KD+ cartridges with a distance range of 5 and 8.5 m;
  • Flashbang cartridge KSSH for psychophysical remote influence on the offender or a group of offenders.
  • Police multifunctional shield STENA, anti-riot shield designed to protect the law enforcement units, control the behavior of the crowd.
  • Weapons module OM-18: police special equipment designed to improve the functionality and operational efficiency of civilian and service weapons equipped with Picatinny rail.

 Stun gun ZEUS for police. Development and manufacture

-Certificate. Stun guns must have a certificate confirming the legality and compliance with the legislation.
-Contact or remote-contact. Stun guns for civilians can have only contact function (stun gun AVATAR) or remote-contact function (stun gun PHANTOM, ZEUS).
-Transformer. The most effective stun guns that can be used for self-defense effectively are transformer stun guns. Condenser stun guns with the similar power parameters have lower efficiency.
-Combat electrodes. To increase the efficiency of the electric discharge, it is necessary to choose devices with the largest possible distance between the combat electrodes. This distance determines the size of current loop passing through the target. This distance is limited by law: it cannot be more than 40mm.
-Cutting electrodes. To guarantee that discharge penetrates thick winter clothes, it is necessary to use stun guns with a large visible blank discharge: the distance between the cutting (control) electrodes characterizes the thickness of the clothes that the discharge can penetrate.
-Lithium battery. It is recommended to buy stun guns with lithium batteries, because they provide high input power of the electrical circuit, and allow to reduce the weight and size of the stun gun, make it more convenient to use, charge fully in only 40 minutes.
-Ergonomics. When buying a stun gun, pay attention to its ergonomics: a wrist strap, rubber inserts and activation button and accessories for everyday use.

You can place an order and buy police stun guns and special equipment for the law enforcement in our online store.


Stun gun ZEUS

Stun gun ZEUS (ZEUS II) is a powerful remote-contact electric weapon, made for contact (electroshock) or remote (electroshock or psychophysical) professional use by policemen, employees of security services, collectors, etc, in accordance with job instructions. Stun gun ZEUS is a stun gun for control of offender`s actions that allows normalizing the situation in the shortest time possible.

ZEUS II is produced in three models:

  1. ZEUS-L. Model with identification system (length 405mm).
  2. ZEUS-M. Model with identification system (length 355mm).
  3. ZEUS-S. Model without identification system (length 305mm).


Identification system

Stun gun ZEUS II is a XXI century weapon. It uses Identification System that forbids unauthorized application of the weapon. ZEUS II is the only stun gun that is equipped with this technology. Identification system excludes the possibility of unauthorized application of electric discharge and cartridge initiation.

Picatinny mounting rail

Picatinny rail is used on various firearms and provides a standard mounting for attachments, such as aiming modules and tactical flashlights. Picatinny rail on ZEUS II allows broadening the functionality during the professional exploitation.


Stun gun HYBRID

Stun gun HYBRID is a powerful double-charged handheld weapon, intended for contact, distant and psychological influence on an offender.

Developed by ZAO “OBERON-ALPHA” – leading Russian producer of stun guns.


-Stun gun HYBRID has two remote influence cassettes installed in a magazine with a function of fast deployment. Shot distance is up to 6 meters. One or two objects can be influenced simultaneously and differentially.

-HYBRID can be applied contact or blank discharge can be displayed without deploying the cassettes or when the cassettes have already been deployed.

-HYBRID has 4 side blank discharge zones that affect the offender psychologically.

The special cassette safety system SHOT LOCK protects the cassettes from being deployed when HYBRID is applied contact or when the blank discharge is displayed. HYBRID has a blockage key that turns off stun gun`s functions if the weapon is snatched by offender.

Stun gun HYBRID is made in impact-resistant case, it has removable lithium-polymer battery. Gun flashlights and additional laser target designator can be installed on Picatinny mounting rail. HYBRID holster allows carrying the device with installed devices.


Anti-riot shield STENA

Shockproof electroshock shield STENA is designed for:

  • protection of law enforcement officers during mass riots;
  • control of the crowd and neutralizing aggressive protesters during mass events, demonstrations, etc.;
  • psychological and physical influence on offenders;
  • centralized control of police units and the use of force.

Equipping shockproof shields with electroshock device will increase the efficiency of controlling the crowd; will allow to suppress aggression at demonstrations in time.

Shield STENA can be used as a part of mobile and stationary protective barriers and other electroshock devices.

Telemetric system in electroshock shield STENA allows to control the use of weapons, to store and receive data of the event log and statistics online, to adjust parameters or block the weapons, as well as to redistribute forces during police operations, to call for reinforcements, to have data for the legal justification of the use of weapons.


- Patented module design (patent RU2652496 "Electroshock module and shield for suppression of riots, that uses this module") allows to use optimal configuration of special means.

- Control of use of special means and parameter adjustment can be done remotely with mobile app or on monitoring website.

- Can be integrated in the satellite navigation and monitoring system (NMS) to improve the accuracy of evaluation of the situation and management decisions, to improve the efficiency of the interaction between law enforcement agencies, to strengthen control over the use of special means.



Weapon module MO-18 is used to extend functionality and efficiency of civilian and service weapons, equipped with Picatinny mounting rail.

Module is equipped with special replaceable cartridges. Available types of cartridges: flashbang, aerosol and marker.

Flashbang cartridge is intended for psycho-physical influence (stunning, blinding, disorienting) on an offender. Aerosol cartridge is used for spraying a target with aerosol containing irritating agent.

Marker cartridge contains hard-to-remove paint and is intended for marking offenders during public events in order to detain them later.

Cartridges are initiated by pressing the button on the module or by pressing external activation button. Module has a jack for the external activation button, which increases operational comfort.


  • Versatility. Module can be mounted on Picatinny mounting rail on any type of weapon;
  • Increases operator`s safety. Absence of physical contact with an offender doesn`t allow him to use force or melee weapons.
  • Allows applying the necessary means depending on the situation and degree of danger;
  • Safety fuse increases the safety of operation;
  • Indication of battery condition and indication of operational readiness of the cartridges increase the ease of use;
  • External activation button allows placing the button in the convenient place and increasing manoeuverability of the weapon;
  • Cartridges have a universal bayonet lock;
  • Open sight increases accuracy of shooting with aerosol and marker cartridges.

Module MO-18 is safe for influenced object`s life and health.