Stun gun HYBRID

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  • Electroshock device HYBRID is intended for use by special services, police and security companies. Power of influence o..
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Electroshock device HYBRID is intended for use by special services, police and security companies. Power of influence of police weapons is up to 30 W (specified in the contract)


Stun gun HYBRID is a powerful double-charged handheld weapon, intended for contact, distant and psychological influence on an offender.

Developed by ZAO “OBERON-ALPHA” – leading Russian producer of stun guns.

Stun gun HYBRID



-Stun gun HYBRID has two remote influence cassettes installed in a magazine with a function of fast deployment. Shot distance is up to 6 meters. One or two objects can be influenced simultaneously and differentially.

-HYBRID can be applied contact or blank discharge can be displayed without deploying the cassettes or when the cassettes have already been deployed.

-HYBRID has 4 side blank discharge zones that affect the offender psychologically.

Stun gun HYBRID 


-The special cassette safety system SHOT LOCK protects the cassettes from being deployed when HYBRID is applied contact or when the blank discharge is displayed.

-HYBRID has a blockage key that turns off stun gun`s functions if the weapon is snatched by offender.


Stun gun HYBRID is made in impact-resistant case, it has removable lithium-polymer battery. Gun flashlights and additional laser target designator can be installed on Picatinny mounting rail. HYBRID holster allows carrying the device with installed devices.

Stun gun HYBRID 


Basis of HYBRID effective influence is neuromuscular incapacitation effect. Neuromuscular incapacitation is effective for offenders with a high pain threshold (those who use drugs, under severe stress, prepared or trained opponents who may not feel pain of the impact or are capable of resisting detention (or self-defense) despite physical pain). Electric influence of HYBRID allows controlling opponent`s actions which prevents the him from consciously breaking the contact or showing resistance.

Efficiency of contact impact is increased due to two pairs of fighting electrodes with independent impact.

Benefits of HYBRID remote influence:

- Increases safety of the stun gun operator – lack of physical contact with the offender doesn't allow the offender to use force or cold weapons.

- Allows using remote electroshock functions against two objects simultaneously without replacing the magazine.

- Allows using the stun gun contact with earlier initiated cartridges without removing them.

- Allows transferring electroshock discharge repeatedly on an object through earlier initiated cartridge.

High convenience and safety of operation. The plastic holster is provided for carrying HYBRID on a belt.


  • Stun gun HYBRID - 1 pc;
  • Remote cassettes in a magazine – 2 pcs;
  • Battery – 1 pc;
  • Charging device – 1 pc;
  • Blockage key with wrist strap – 1 pc;
  • Belt holster – 1 pc;
  • User`s manual (with guarantee card and passport) – 1 pc.
Outcome voltage on the electrodes, kV 130
Weight, kg 0,38
Dimensions Length-x-Height-x-Width, mm 175х116х38,9
Climate conditions operates in temperature range from -20 °С to +50 °С and relative humidity up to 98% at +25°С
Distance between combat electrodes, mm 40
Battery removable rechargeable LiPOL accumulator battery 11.1V, 600 mAh
Laser aimimg system yes
Power of the electroshock discharger, W 20 (two lines x 10W/contour) depending on contract terms: up to 30 (two lines x up to 15W/contour)

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