ATM security system FAUST-TERMINAL

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  • ATM SECURITY SYSTEM FAUST-TERMINAL   PURPOSE Faust-Terminal is a specialised system that prevents the theft of money..
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Faust-Terminal is a specialised system that prevents the theft of money from ATMs and the theft of ATMs themselves.

The system resists the following theft attempts:
- thermal and mechanical cutting;
- breaking open; 
- attempt to open an ATM with a skeleton key; 
- blowing the ATM up; 
- theft (unsantioned transportation attempt).

The system uses the following devices to resist the crime:
* Siren with a noise level of 120 dB. At a distance of 1 meter the noise level is higher than the pain thrashhold.
* White smoke cartridge. White smoke fills the space (up to 60 mі) around the ATM.

The smoke is safe for people and doesn`t leave marks on the surfaces after dissipation. It can be noticed from big distances and attracts attention to the crime. Smoke won`t let the criminal continue the theft, will force him to leave the crime scene.

Additional options:
- Sending the signal about the theft attempt to the security service;
- Individual settings of the time parameters;
- Manual start of the defense algorithm;
- Special paint can be used to mark the cash during the attempted theft;
- The algorithm can be stopped using a proxy card;
- The size of the unit can be changed to fit different ATM types.


The case is made from steel, which protects the system from damage. A battery is installed inside the case, which provides aotonomous operation of the system if the main power supply gets disconnected or turned off. The system is equipped with a tilt and hit sensor



White smoke cartridge can be placed either inside the Faust-Terminal box or outside it in the ATM inner section.


The system has the following features and advantages:

- Easy installation. The system is installed inside the ATM. The main unit can be installed in all common ATM types directly on the case or on a bracket. Ease of installation is also provided by the prior installation of the main elements of the system in its case. Convenience and speed of connections of external elements is provided by the detachable connectors and prepared wires of fixed length. Time of installation of the system in the ATM is no more than 15 minutes.

- Security mode is activated and deactivated by using coded keys – RFID-cards. The user can save and delete cards from the system with a master card.

- The system has tilt sensors that detect an angle of more than 30º and a sensor for detection of the opening or breaking doors, sensor for detection of separation from the floor (optional). The system is protected from false positives, including attacks on the ATM body.

- Powerful 120 dB siren, installed in the main unit.

- It is possible to install additional sirens.

- The system FAUST-TERMINAL uses additional means for crime resistance - smoke cartridges. Smoke fills in the room with an ATM, makes it harder to navigate the room, makes it impossible to take active actions with an ATM, significantly complicates the transportation of an ATM. Included in delivery – 2 cartridges.

- Power supply 220V, insensitivity to significant voltage drops.

- Built-in battery to ensure Autonomous operation, battery life in the protection mode-at least 1 day (possibly up to 7-10 days, depending on the required functions). Operating time in "alarm" mode is not less than 4 hours.

- Minimum occupied space inside the ATM.

- The system can send signals to the remote control station, or send SMS messages if a GPS module is installed.

- Constructed and produced in Russia. If necessary, quick changes and additions to the design can be made.

- Warranty period -12 months.

 ATM security system FAUST-TERMINAL ATM security system FAUST-TERMINAL


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