TV channel ABC has reported an unprecedented increase of firearms sales in the US due to the spread of coronavirus.

Firearms sales have increased drastically in the US

Gun stores and police in some States in the United States noted an increase in sales of firearms several times compared to last year's data, according to the ABC report.

Increase of firearms sales in the US

Police in some US states reported a sharp increase in the number of citizen checks that must be completed to purchase firearms.

Pennsylvania state police conducted a background check of 4,300 citizens only on March 17, when only 1,300 people passed a background check a year ago.

In Colorado, twice as many people applied for background checks between March 16 and 22. In 2019, 7,000 citizens were applied for checks, and this year their number has increased to 14,000. In Virginia in the first three weeks of March 35 thousand checks have been made, while in March 2019 less than 10 thousand were carried out.

In February, a large online store for weapons and ammunition recorded 309% revenue growth compared to Fabruary 2019. Representatives of the company called this phenomenon unprecedented.

2020-03-24 11:37:19


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