Over the past year, Tyndall air force base and the 325th squadron of the US security forces have worked with Ghost Robotics to develop a system to improve the security and safety of the air base.


Tyndall will be one of the first air force bases to introduce semi-Autonomous robot dogs to its patrol. The robots have already demonstrated their abilities on November 10 at a demonstration event.

“We are the first unit in the Department of defense that uses this technology to patrol the territory,” commented major Jordan criss, commander of the 325th security forces squadron.

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Although these robots walk on four legs and resemble dogs, they are not intended to replace military working dogs. Instead, they will assist in patrolling and allow Tyndall base personnel to focus their forces on providing security in situations where their presence is required.

robot Dog for military use

Сriss explained that the robot dogs will patrol the territory along a programmed path, and the air base staff will monitor their work.

"We will be able to control them using a virtual reality headset from our operations center," Сriss said. “We will be able to see exactly what the robot detects through the camera and sensors, if necessary, we will also be able to communicate with people through the speaker mounted on the robot.”

Robots will allow personnel to focus on training the military and ensuring the security of the base.

robot Dog for military use

“These dogs will be an additional set of eyes and ears when patrolling the base," Сriss said. “They will be a huge help for the military and will allow flexible distribution of personnel."

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