Wrap Technologies has presented a device, that helps police officers detain offenders and suspects from the distance of several meters.

BolaWrap device for American police

Several departments of US police have started testing new nonlethal weapon for the detention of suspects and offenders. The new device look similat to a stun gun. 

BolaWrap для полиции США

The weapon shoots a thin 7,6 meter-long kevlar tether, that wraps around person`s legs, when they are trying to run or attack. On the end of the tether there is a hook, that fixes on person`s clothes of skin. The advantages of the device is the shot distance and efficiency in any weather. In comparison with Taser stun gun, which efficiency depends on person`s clothes, or a pepperspray, that can be affected by the wind, BolaWrap looks very promising.

Channel NBC 5 about BolaWrap:

The device is called BolaWrap 100. The reporters, who have tested the new nonlethal weapon, have said that when it fixes on the clothes, it`s completely painfree, but very efficient. BolaWrap can be used efficiently against aggressive people.   Kevlar tether is shot at the speed of 156 meters per second.  The offender doesn`t have a chance to dodge or run away.

Wrap Technologies officials are sure, that the police officers will need little time to adapt to the new weapon. BolaWrap 100 has already been used to detain offenders.

2020-01-30 14:32:26


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