If you own an air gun, or are planning to buy one, you need to learn and remember the rules for handling weapons. Failure to comply with safety regulations may result in you or bystanders injured.


When purchasing an air rifle or pistol, you must study the rules of its storage and use, and learn to which consequences the violation of these rules during shooting or hunting can lead. It is important to pay attention to safety: most injuries are caused by careless handling of a loaded weapon or shooting at an inappropriate target.

Safety regulations for air guns

Safety regulations:

1. Treat the weapon as if it is loaded and ready to fire, even if you are sure it is not.

2. Always point your weapon in a safe direction so that no one gets injured if an unintentional shot is fired. Don't point a gun or rifle at someone as a joke. Carefully choose a suitable target for shooting: the target should not be too hard, so that the bullet can penetrate its surface, not bounce off it.

3. Keep your weapon on the safety until you are about to fire a shot. Load the weapon before shooting, and immediately discharge it after the shooting is over. Make sure that the safety is on. Be as careful as possible when passing weapons to others.

4. Check whether the weapon is loaded, whether it is on the safety when you take it in your hands.

5. If you don't intend to fire a shot, don't hold your finger on the trigger. Do not rely on the safety switch – to avoid the possibility of an accident, develop the habit of not keeping your finger on the trigger.

6. Make sure that there are no foreign objects in the barrel of the air gun. If the barrel needs to be cleaned, use only the gun cleaning kit.

7. During shooting, use special glasses to protect your eyes. If necessary, for example, when shooting indoors, use anti-noise headphones or earplugs.

8. Use only the type and caliber of ammunition suitable for your weapon, in accordance with the operating instructions.

9. If a defect is detected, be as careful as possible when working with the weapon. The probability of an accidental shot in this case increases significantly. Do not use a defected gun or rifle for shooting until it i srepaired. Only a specialist in the service center should be repairing the weapon.

10.Store weapons in a safe, separate from the bullets, unloaded and with the safety on.

11. Clean the weapons regularly according to their operating instructions.

12. Never use the weapons after drinking alcohol. Remember that according to statistics, most injuries occur when drunk people use weapons.


It is important to always remember that handling weapons requires great care and responsibility. Strictly follow safety precautions when handling weapons, and carefully read their operation instructions. Following safety regulations will protect you and people around you from injuries and accidents.

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