When choosing self-defense means, many people are faced with the question: which is better, a stungun or a pepper spray?


Stunguns and pepper spray have similar advantages.

What`s best for self-defense: stungun or pepper spray?

No license needed. To buy a pepper spray, you do not need to provide any documents. To buy a stungun in a weapon shop or online with delivery, you only need to provide your passport data.

Safety. Stunguns and pepper sprays are safe for the life and health of the affected person.

Easy operation. The operation of these weapons is intuitive, they are easy to handle, which guarantees the effectiveness of their use in a critical situation. Since an ordinary person has no experience with weapons, some types of weapons, such as a air guns, can pose a danger to the owner of the weapon.

Size. Thanks to the compact size of these self-defense tools, they can be carried in a bag, pocket or hand without attracting excessive attention.

Means for self-defense against dogs. Both stunguns and pepper sprays are effective for self-defense against aggressive animals. Stungun is a more humane means of protection against stray dogs. The loud sound of an electric discharge will scare the animal away when turned on at a safe distance.

What`s best for self-defense: stungun or pepper spray?

What is the difference between self-defense with a stun gun and pepper spray? These differences will help you choose the appropriate means for self-defense.

Disadvantages of the stungun and pepper spray for self-defense

Indoor use

- Pepper spray can not be used indoors. Both sides of the conflict will suffer from the effects of the spray, which will significantly complicate the further actions of the victim. Pepper spray is not suitable for self-defense in the building entrance, elevator, car, etc.

- Stun gun is effective for self-defense in any situation: both in the street and indoors.

Effective area of impact

- Pepper spray should be directed in the face of the aggressor.

- The stungun can be used in any available place on the body. This greatly simplifies self-defense if you are disoriented or restricted in your movements. If necessary, the stungun can be re-applied to a more efficient zone.


- The optimal exposure distance of the pepper spray is about 2 meters. If the pepper spray is used in close proximity to the attacker, there is a risk that the user will be exposed to irritating substances.

- The stungun can be used in contact mode or remotely.

Contact electroshock influence involves direct physical contact with the offender.

Remote psychophysical influence with a flashbang cartridge temporarily disorients, stuns and blinds the opponent.

Remote electroshock exposure with a remote cartridge allows you to affect the aggressor at a distance of up to 5 meters (KD cartridge) or at a distance of up to 5 meters with further following the target up to 10 meters (KD+ cartridge).

Catalog of legal and effective means of self-defense

Price, durability and resourse

The cost of pepper spray is significantly lower than the cost of the high-power class 1 stungun. We do not recommend buying cheap Chinese models of stunguns, as they are absolutely ineffective for self-defense.

After using the pepper spray, it will have to be discarded, since the irritant will remain on its nozzle and will have an irritating effect on the eyes and respiratory organs.

The stungun has a large resource of applications. Probably the battery will need to be replaced after three to five years.

What`s best for self-defense: stungun or pepper spray?

Remote and flashbang cartridges are disposable.

Stunguns are equipped with reliable lithium-polymer batteries. It is enough to recharge the battery once every 3-4 months, if the stungun is rarely used.

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