The need for self-defense can arise in front of any person, so it is important to be able to stand up for yourself in the event of an attack. There are several rules of behavior during an attack that are useful for self-defense for both women and men.

Universal self-defense tips

Self-defense advices

- Use any items for protection that are at hand. This can be a smartphone, the keys to the front door, an umbrella, or even objects picked from the ground. If you strike first, the attacker who did not expect it and will be disoriented. A hit with an improvised weapon will allow you to escape and to get to a crowded place.
- Carry a self-defense weapon and be ready to use it. It is important to remember that self-defense should not exceed the degree of danger you are in. Always keep your self-defense weapon handy and use it with confidence. Buy only reliable, certified self-defense equipment. The most versatile and effective means of self-defense is stun gun (electroshock device). The stun gun must only be of class 1, produced in Russia (to be legally used on Russian territory).
- Blows should always be applied only in painful places. It is more difficult to choose them in winter, since the criminal has a lot of clothes on. The blows to the neck, face, knees, groin will be the most painful. You can hit with your fist, but also with your foot, or the lower part of your palm with your findgers bent. Aiming for painful places will allow you to escape from the criminal.
- If it's not cold outside and the offender isn't wearing thick clothes, a punch to the solar plexus will be efficient against an attack. Do it only if you are sure that you can perform it correctly.
- Remember, if there are several attackers, you will not be able to defeat them alone. In such situations always tru to attract attention of other people, shout loudly. There is a high probability that if you make noise, the attackers will leave to avoid confrontation with witnesses. The most effective divice to use in this situation is a flashbang cartridge KSSH, installed on a stun gun.

If you are attacked, your main task is to break out of the capture, disorient the criminal and escape. Your actions should be directed primarily at this.

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