It is not always possible to avoid physical conflict. What should we do if we can't escape from the person who attacked you? When do you need to fight back?


When does the defense start?

How do you know that it's time to fight back against the enemy that threatens you? There is no universal answer, since no two situations are identical. The choice is always yours. But there are three situations in which you can not allow delay and which require you to actively defend yourself.

  1. Start defending yourself if the enemy tries to tie you up or immobilize you. Otherwise, you will be deprived of the opportunity to defend yourself in the future, when the situation becomes critical.
  2. Start to defend yourself if they try to move you to another place. This may be an attempt to lead you around the corner of the house, enter the entrance or elevator, get you into the car. The opponent chooses a more favorable and safe position for himself, reducing your chances of escaping or winning a fight. Therefore, such a situation requires an immediate response.
  3. The larger the group of people, the less likely you are to avoid a confrontation with them. Your words will not help to calm a conflict-minded group of people. Use self-defense weapons, try to take a better position among your opponents, attract the attention of passers-by, because in most cases by trying to negotiate with the aggressors, you lose time.

Self-defense strategy

Strategy for successful self-defense

So, the fight was inevitable, and you need to defend yourself. How to effectively protect yourself? There are three self-defense strategies that will help in a fight.

Self-defense strategy #1 — play by your own rules, do not follow the role assigned to you.

The aggressor has his own idea of how the attack should develop. He chooses the victim so that he can be sure of what reaction he will get. If your actions do not fit into his plans, it will complicate his actions and help you win the fight.

Self-defense strategy #2 — go on the offensive, not on the defensive. Any martial artist will not be able to endlessly reflect the blows. Sooner or later, your opponent will "get" to you. Instead of thinking about what he does, ask yourself, what can you do?

Self-defense Strategy #3  — aattrack the problem, not the person. Don`t think about what went wrong and why exactly you were unlucky enough to be attacked. Emotions will only hinder effective self-defense.

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