You can argue about which position for self-defense will be the most advantageous, but all experts will agree on which position is the worst.


Let's look at what is the most losing stance for self-defense, why people find themselves in it, and how you can correct this mistake.

As you know, the reaction to danger can be "fight, flight or freeze". The worst position for self-defense combines all three of them. If a fight starts, your body leans back, at the same time you try to hit the opponent, and your brain refuses to make decisions, stuck in a stupor.

Worst self-defense position

If your opponent is serious and wants to harm you, this position will secure you a place in the hospital. Anyone can find themselves in this disadvantageous position, can be caught off guard, be in poor physical condition, be frightened by a group of opponents, or get injured and start panicking. Stuck between fighting and running, you won't be able to defend yourself. It is important not to give in to panic, as soon as possible to restore the correct stance and repel the aggressor.

How to keep the right stance in a fight?

Step 1. Ask your partner to work out a conflict scenario, ask him to give you weak blows. Do not defend yourself, concentrate on keeping the right stance.

Step 2. Ask your partner to increase the speed and strength of the blows. Add one or two more opponents.

Step 3. Now that you have fixed your stance, you can strike back.

Train your punches or practice "escape" tactics, especially if you are training with multiple opponents.

Workout tip: Record videos from your workouts to be able to analyze and correct your mistakes.

With this exercise, you can train yourself to maintain the correct stance and effectively protect yourself in a fight.

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