If you are faced with the task of striking quickly, the habit of deflecting the body during the strike will prevent this.


This mistake can be compared to "riding on a saw", because when striking, the person swings back and forth.

Mistake #1: Tilt the body forward for striking.

An incorrect position of the body carries with it many dangers.

First, your head and lower torso remain exposed to blows. Secondly, you are not in balance, and so it is much easier to lose your balance. Third, your weight is above the forward leg, and you can not immediately apply subsequent blows.

Even if you hit the first punch with enough force, you can't hit the next one until you're back in the stance.

How to solve this problem? To close the distance to the opponent before hitting, use footwork. Stay in the balance and correct stance to be able to quickly deliver a series of blows to the enemy.

Mistake #2: Tilt the body back for striking.

This blow looks like this: the torso and head are bent back when the fist is thrown forward. This creates several problems.

First, you reduce your range of attack. Second, you reduce your power. Your hand moves one way, your body moves the other.

The habit of leaning forward or backward during a fight is difficult to eradicate, because it usually originates in the fear of either fully engaging in a fight, or in the fear of getting hit in the face.

How can this be understood?

See how people hit a punching bag. If they are not lazy, they usually keep a proper stance. But as soon as sparring or self-defense training begins, fear wins out. In other words: no one deviates unless there is a retaliatory strike.

How to land more blows

Mistake #3: Tilt the body back when kicking.

This is a controversial point, since some are intentionally deviate back, to create a counterbalance. But if your goal is to land a lot of consecutive punches, it's best to keep your body and arms ready for the next punch.

By leaning back, you add a pause to the beat sequence.

This pause may seem short, but it may be enough for the opponent to deal you a decisive blow.

Once you get rid of these mistakes, you'll be able to land more punches in a fight or sparring match without losing your balance.

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