Stun gun is a compact self-defense weapon that is convenient to carry with you every day: in a bag, in a pocket or on your belt. But when attending mass events, during inspections and on transport, security officers may pay attention to the weapon. What are the rules for transporting and carrying the stun gun? What documents do you need?





Do I need a permit to carry a stun gun?

According to article №3 of the law №150-FZ "On weapons", you don`t need to get a permit, a license or a medical certificate to buy a stun gun. To purchase a stun gun for self-defense you will only need your passport.

Stun guns are civil weapons and must comply with GOST R 50940-96 "Stun Devices. General specifications». The maximum allowed impact power of a class 1 stun gun - 3 W,  the output voltage - 90 kV.

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Transporting a stun gun in personal and public transport

There are no restrictions for the owner of a stun gun when traveling by private transport.

Stun guns can be carried in checked baggage in the cargo compartment of the aircraft, without the passengers having access to their baggage during the flight. The owner of the stun gun must provide all necessary documents for it.

Transporting a stun gun in personal and public transport

What documents are required for transporting weapons by plane in baggage?

  • permission to keep and carry weapons;
    The passenger must have a compliance certificate provided by the manufacturer. The certificate confirms that thestun gun is legal on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • import/export permits to/from the country (if necessary);
  • customs clearance (if necessary).

Where it is forbidden to bring a stun gun

According to point №5, article №6 of the law №150-FZ "Оn weapons" it is prohibited to carry weapons during mass events, including protests, street processions and demonstrations, as well as in organizations that provide entertainment and leisure services, work at night and sell alcoholic beverages. Restrictions do not apply to security personnel working in these organizations.

Where can I buy a stun gun?

You can buy a stun gun for self-defense in the manufacturer's online store or in weapon stores in your city.


Stun gun is a powerful universal self-defense weapon that can be purchased without a license and certificates from the manufacturer or in gun stores. The rules for carrying and transporting stun guns are defined in the law "On weapons", as well as by the regulations of transport organizations. The owner of the stun gun only needs to have a compliance certificate for the weapon. The certificate is included in the standard set with each device.

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