Pepper spray is a cheap and popular self-defense means. How does pepper spray work and how to use it for self-defense? First aid, if pepper spray for into your eyes. We review these important points in this article.



What is a pepper spray

Pepper spray is a common choice of a person, who is thinking about self-defense. Pepper sprays are cheaper than another self-defense means, one doesn`t need a license and are sold online and in weaponry shops and shops for hunting almost in every city.

Pepper spray is a metal can, filled with pepper liquid, with a vent and a cap. Pepper sprays are cheap - they are sold for less than 10 dollars.

Pepper sprays use burning red pepper. The can sprays the pepper, which, when coming in contact with eyes or the skin, causes burning, tears and strong pain sensations. When a person breathes the spray in, it causes coughing and the feeling of lack of air. Because of the strong pain, a person can`t continue the offense and illegal actions. Effect of a pepper sprays lasts for up to 30 minutes.

Correct use of a pepper spray allows to neutralize an offender and gives enough time to run away or call for help. It is efficient against people with alcohol or drug intoxication, who don`t react well to some other self-defense means. Pepper spray also helps against homeless dogs, causing in them the same reacting, as in people.

Pepper spray for self-defense

Pepper spray for self-defense

Self-defense with a pepper spray doesn`t require special training, but there are some important points to be taken into account, that affect efficiency of its use.

Important factors, that affect the efficiency of the pepper spray:

It is forbidden to use pepper spray indoors, in a car, in an elevator. Otherwise both people will get affected by pepper.

It is forbidden to use pepper spray, when the wind is blowing in one`s face. Wind can also blow the pepper away and it won`t reach the offender.

It`s important to aim at offender`s eyes, to archive the maximum pain effect and cause irritation of the eyes.

Use the pepper stray unexpectedly, don`t show in advance that you have it. Otherwise an offender can grab you by the wrists, kick the spray can out from your hand or dodge the spray.

After a pepper spray has been used, it has to be thrown away, because it will be giving off a strong smell.

Safety measures when using pepper spray

Using pepper spray doesn`t cause serious effects on one`s health, but a person may need medical assistance if pepper spray was used against him.

The only group of people, for whom pepper spray is really dangerous, is people with asthma or strong allergies. If pepper spray is used against them, they will need medical help. For other people the symptoms of the burn with red pepper go away after several hours.

First aid: if pepper spray got on your skin and in your eyes

If pepper spray got into your eyes, it`s necessary to remove the irritant. The affected areas should be cleaned with running water, not rubbing the substance on the skin, to avoid increasing the burn.

To remove the pepper substance, pat the skin and eyes with clean napkins.

Afterwards, attend a doctor, especially if the burning effect stays present for a long time.


Pepper spray is cheap and efficient self-defense means, that citizens choose more often. When used correctly, it will help to defend yourself against the attacks of aggressive or drunk people or homeless animals.

However, it`s not always possible to use pepper spray: indoors or in a windy area the spray can also affect the user. Pepper spray will only be efficient, if it`s aimed at person`s face.

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