The attack of stray dogs can be divided into two types: a frightened dog that wants to drive the enemy from its territory, or an attack "to defeat" without an objective reason.


Most often, the bites that people receive are inflicted by dogs of the first category. Such bites are usually isolated and do not pose a danger to life. After biting a person once, the dog achieves its goal by driving the alien out of its territory, and stops chasing it. There is a noticeable difference between such bites and injuries inflicted by the second category of dogs, which bite to kill or seriously injure the target. These are numerous, deep, lacerations inflicted on particularly vulnerable areas.

The results of these attacks can be deadly. If a pack attacks, the likelihood of serious or fatal injuries increases.

Self-defense against stray dogs

How to avoid being attacked by a stray dog

No matter what kind of dog you are dealing with, the best tactic is to avoid a dangerous situation.

The most important thing is to stay alert for stray dogs, especially if you know where the pack lives. If you see an unfamiliar dog, walk around it at a safe distance. This will help you avoid most of the possible problems.

How to behave with an aggressive dog

Any dog that shows aggression will show defensive or offensive signals. It is important to recognize them in time to choose the right self-defense tactics.

Defensive aggression is characterized by the dog's slow retreat, growling and excited barking, flattened ears, and low posture. Thus, the dogs give a signal that you should leave their territory. A dog that intends to attack "to defeat" usually does not bark and behaves much more calmly.

How to behave with an angry dog:

  1. If the dog is defending its territory, food, or puppies, it is trying to drive you away. If it bites you, it will immediately release its teeth, letting you go.
  2. Most aggressive dogs fall into this category. Most often, injuries from such dogs can be avoided.
  3. Rules of behavior if the dog shows aggression for self-defense:
  4. A dog that shows defensive aggression provides a person with the opportunity to escape from the conflict by leaving its territory.

A dog that shows offensive aggression moves in an arc towards you, snaps its teeth, lunges in your direction, and bites, designed to cause maximum damage and destroy the prey. If the dog goes into offensive aggression, it will not stop the attack quickly.

If a dog attack is imminent

A dog that goes on the attack shows offensive aggression. If your attempts to avoid contact don't work and the dog decides to attack you, then you will need to defend yourself. It will be impossible to escape from the dog - it is faster and more agile than a person.

  • As in all conflicts, a powerful self-defense weapon will be most effective. Many of the weapons you carry to protect yourself from humans can and will work well on a dog.
  • As an improvised weapon, you can use sticks, umbrellas, bags, stones, and any other items that you can put between you and the dog.
  • The dog bites, it grabs what is closest to it. If you put your hand forward, the dog will bite it. If you can't use something as a weapon, wrap your jacket or shirt around your forearm and shield it from the dog.
  • If the dog bites you, do not try to pull the arm/leg out of its mouth. This will aggravate the wounds received and will not help to free yourself from the grip of the animal. As long as it holds you, you can fight back with your free legs and hands.
  • Cover the most vulnerable parts of the body. If you lose your balance and fall to the ground, protect your face, neck, chest, and stomach.
  • Call for help. If the dog stops feeling its advantage, it will stop attacking.


Compliance with the safety rules in the city, composure and understanding of the dog's psychology will allow you to avoid injuries and bites from stray dogs. If the dog shows aggression, keep calm, protect the vulnerable parts of the body and try to repel the attack with the least losses.

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