People, who have to get home late and walk through empty areas, may face an attack by the stray dogs.

In this article we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of self-defense with such devices as stun guns and ultrasonic deterrents.


Utrasonic dog deterrents

This devices are sometimes equipped with flashlights and stroboscopes and generate ultrasound, that a person can`t hear, but other animals hear well, for example, dogs.

If this sound is strong enough, a dog will want to avoid this signal, because it will find it unpleasant and painful.

Unfortunately, if reality it doesn`t always work. Yes, some dogs run away from such sound sourse, but some dogs are not affected ny it at all.

Ultrasonic dog deterrant

Dogs, who are not affected by it, are old dogs, dogs with bad hearing and with hanging ears. Dogs of the fighting breeds also don`t react to ultrasound. And in the police the dogs are trained not to react to it.

It`s important to remember, that using ultrasound against some dogs can make them even more aggressive.

Area, at which the deterrents are efficient, is about 5-10 meters.

Some manufacturers talk about using new technologies to make their deterrents more efficient. For example, they build LED aiming modules in, so that a person can point it at dog`s head.

But we still can`t call them 100% efficient.

Stun guns for self-defense against aggressive dogs

Stun guns are, of course, more efficient for self-defense against dogs, than ultrasonic deterrents. Stun guns also after have abuilt-in flashlight.

Often even a sound of an electroshock discharge is enough to scare a dog away.

But some god owners say, that even sun guns have been ineffient against a dog of a fighting breed, that has attacked another dog.

It`s also important to remember, that the stun guns can have different power or construction. To use against aggressive dogs one should choose stun guns of the 1st class (marked in Russia as K.111 or DK.111), with long electrodes, that will be efficient against dog with long fur.

Stun gun ZEUS with a flashbang cartridge

Remote-contact stun guns can be equipped with flashbang cartridges, that are guaranteed to scare a dog with a loud bang of an explosion and a bright flash of light (especially in the darkness).

Both stun guns and deterrants can work from accumulators or batteries. Stun guns are efficient only in that case, if the are using lithium-polumer accumulator batteries.

A convenient bonus is a LED indication of the battery charge level. This was the divice will not suddenly turn off in a critical situation.


Deterrents have been made specifically of the purpose of scaring the dogs away, and will be efficient against dog, that are not too aggressive.

Stun guns are non-lethal weapon with broad functionality, that can be used both contact and remotely. Stun gus is efficient for self defense against both dogs and offenders, and will be helpful in many situations. 

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