Russian market has a lot of cheap dog repellents made in China, which are sold as stun guns. In fact, such dischargers do not comply with GOST R 50940-96 "Electroshock devices", are illegal to sell on the territory of the Russian Federation, and are useless for self-defense. The manufacturer promises the consumer a voltage of millions Volts, but in reality these figures are easily refuted by measurements on the equipment.


According to article 3 of the Federal law "On weapons", only stun guns made in Russia are allowed for sale on the territory of Russia.

Chinese stun guns- zero efficiency

Remember that an effective self-defense weapon must:

  • meet class 1 according to GOST R 50940-96;
  • be certified;
  • sold by a gun store that has a license to sell weapons.

Video comparison of stun guns: Russia and China

Earlier, we published a video comparing Russian and Chinese shockers. The video used stun gun PHANTOM, stun gun ZEUS (produced by OBERON-ALPHA, Russia) and Chinese stun guns WS-704, JSJ-301, WS-916, JSJ-801, JA-K95 according to the parameters:
-distance between control electrodes;
-level of sound pressure of electric discharge;
-brightness of flashlights;
-ability to inflame paper;
-efficiency: tests on subjects.

You can evaluate the effectiveness of Russian civil stun guns by watching the last part of the video. Contact and remote stun guns of class 1 neutralize the target, are safe for the life and health of the affected person (passed the medical and biological examination).


When buying a stun gun made in China for self-defense, you put yourself in danger. Such devices will create a false sense of security, but will not help in a dangerous situation: for self-defense during an attack, during a conflict, or from the attack of aggressive animals.

Don't save money on your life and health, buy quality certified self-defense weapons.

2020-10-14 11:15:29


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