OBERON-ALPHA company uses advanced technologies for the development and production of self-defense weapons, including stun guns and special equipment for the police, so that the produced weapons meet specific requirements.



OBERON-ALPHA company uses advanced technologies in the design and production of self-defense weapons, including stun guns and special equipment for law enforcement, which gives the stun gun the optimal qualities. The company imposes the following requirements for the stun guns, that make them efficient for self-defense or professional use against criminals.


Weapons should be effective in most situations. They should effectively stop the offense. Electric circuits used in civilian stun gun models developed by OBERON-ALPHA have an input power of at least 50W - at the level of police models. High input power allows producing high-voltage pulses with an impact efficiency at the level of police stun guns, despite the power restrictions imposed by the law.

In addition, OBERON-ALPHA designs the stun guns to provide the maximum allowed distance between the combat electrodes - 40mm, which allows creating a big current loop through the target, when used against it. The distance between the cutting (control) electrodes is at least 21mm (the length of the visible electric arc during blank discharge), so the stun gun is efficient through winter clothing.

Use of a stun gun or non-lethal weapons should not be regarded as "the excess of necessary self-defense" or "abuse of authority" by the law enforcement employees – the court will be in favor of the offender, if he suffers injuries that are disproportionately bigger than his criminal actions. Any self-defense weapon has its own limitations in use: following these restrictions and, as a result, serious injuries caused to the offender and fatal outcomes are always the responsibility of the weapon owner. Therefore, stun gun efficiency should be sufficient, i.e. it should not be excessive when resolving a criminal situation.


Civilians need a weapon that can be used in various places, against any number of criminals – a weapon for any situation. Among non-lethal weapons, it is very difficult to find one that meets such requirements. If some weapons are effective at a distance, then they are dangerous to use in close contact. Other types of weapons cannot be used in confined spaces (elevator, car,...), while others are ineffective against criminals who are wearing thick clothes. According to crime statistics, the most dangerous places are poorly lit streets, elevators and apartment building entrances. In all these places, one of the most effective self-defense weapons is a certified stun gun (electroshock weapon).

OBERON-ALPHA self-defense stun guns


Weapons must be safe for the owner and the bystanders. The owner must make sure, that using the weapon is safe. Civilians rarely have to use self-defense weapons, they don`t have special training, so there is a chance of causing irreversible injuries to the target if used incorrectly. Stun guns that cause temporary functional damage to the target have their own objective limitations in use and special requirements for operation, but, nevertheless, they are the most safe to handle. Given the fact that firearms are not always possible for professional use as service weapons, stun guns can be used in public places, without endangering civilians.

Remote multi-shot stun guns are gaining popularity among consumers. The main requirement for the weapon safety is that a stun gun doesn`t fire during the demonstration of the black discharge. OBERON-ALPHA uses a ShotLock system that protects against unintentional shooting of remote stun guns.


Having a stun gun gives its owner confidence. Reliability is an important criteria that the manufacturers pay attention to. Weapon characteristics are listed in detail in the User`s manuals and all instructions should be followed strictly.


Weapons must be comfortable to carry and use. All buttons and triggers must be located in a convenient, ergonomic place. This means that in a stressful situation the operator controls the weapon on intuitive level (doesn`t need much training experience). So for the contact application of a stun gun, the operator must make no more than two movements, and for remote use – three.


Self-defense weapons should not be too complex or have restrictions for training. So the company Axon (previously Taser) does not recommend that you test the blank discharge of a stun gun more than once per day. Otherwise, it is taken off the warranty.

Stun gun is an electric weapon, so its maintenance is minimized. It requires keeping the battery charged and keeping the stun gun clean.


Weapons, including law enforcement equipment, don`t always use projectiles or cartridges that would make it convenient to track the use of the weapons. This applies primarily to stun guns. However, such weapons can have monitoring systems that track their use and operation. Telemetry system allows to monitor the use of weapons, store and receive operation log data, statistics, adjust, configure or block weapons parameters, a mobile app can be used for control. The system controls the legality of the weapon use.

Weapons with the telemetry system are classified as "smart" weapons. They can have some monitoring functions: for example, remind the operator to charge the battery through sms or notifications. This allows to maintain the weapon in constant combat readiness.

Telemetry system for self-defense weapons


Complex weapons systems should be able to "build up" functions. This requirement can be provided by using mounting rails for additional equipment or by integrating additional weapon modules into the system.




OBERON-ALPHA has been working with high voltage since 1993 and during has created truly effective technologies. In development of all our weapons we use our experience, biomedical research and tests on volunteers. This allows placing a reliable product on the market.


OBERON-ALPHA stun guns use high-voltage transformers to generate high-voltage pulses. The sound of the discharge is inferior to dog repellents made in China, but the pulse duration, generated in stun guns, is much higher and more efficient. OBERON-ALPHA uses high-voltage pulse generation technology called "Neuromuscular incapacitation". Stun guns produced by OBERON-ALPHA affect the target with high-voltage electrical impulses that cause neuromuscular incapacitation. The transformer system is made on precision materials and forms an effective contour with the target, which adjusts to its physiological properties and physical and chemical changes in the affected area during exposure. The circuit transmits the energy in the form of pulses that block sensory and motor nerves. Neuromuscular incapacitation is effective when using a stun gun against offenders with a high pain threshold (drug users, persons under severe stress, prepared or trained opponents who may not feel pain or are able to resist detention despite physical pain). OBERON-ALPHA stun guns control offender`s actions and don`t allow him to interrupt the contact.

OBERON-ALPHA does not use pseudo-power (that would provide painful, rather than paralyzing effect) of high-voltage pulses, based on "preionization" principle. The company uses classic high-voltage transformers and high-power batteries to archive high efficiency. This significantly increases the production cost, but the consumer gets a really effective weapon.

You can check the technical characteristic of our stun guns and buy self-defense weapons in our ONLINE STORE. We sell only high-power certified stun guns and police special equipment.

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