The module is designed for monitoring: engineering structures of transport infrastructure, objects under construction or objects of suspended construction, objects built on mobile soils, gas and oil pipelines, high-rise objects, objects in earthquake-prone areas, hydraulic structures.



  • Determination of absolute and relative values of deformation of structures and their elements;
  • Identification of the causes and degree of danger of deformation;
  • Determining the characteristics of Foundation stability and Foundation reliability;<
  • Setting the maximum allowable values of deformation;
  • forecasting the development of deformation processes;
  • Warning of possible risks;
  • taking timely measures to combat emerging deformations and eliminate their consequences.

The measuring module consists of a sealed case (with IP 68 protection) with an external mounting plate, inside the case is a control Unit with measuring sensors, an Autonomous power supply that is resistant to low and high temperatures, as well as, depending on the configuration, a transmitting radio module operating at a frequency of 2.4 Hz., or a removable SD memory card.

The measuring module is installed on the object`s territory or inside the building, and performs constant real-time measurements of the following parameters:

- linear displacements-up to 0.2 mm.; 
- angular displacements-up to 0.0075°;
- oscillation frequencies-up to 0.05 Hz.;
- stresses in the structure; 
- temperatures.

The required number of modules (up to 1000 pcs.) form a system for monitoring the entire object.

Information from individual modules is collected over the radio channel. In the case of installation on long-distance objects, the system of modules forms a network, each of the modules can perform the function of a transmitter for transmitting information from remote devices.

The module system transmits the collected information to a remote data collection server, which shows the state of the monitored object, and which can automatically send signals of the emergencies in that object. In the measuring module with a memory card, measurements are recorded on a removable SD memory card, the interval for taking readings can be up to 1 month.





- engineering structures of transport infrastructure (bridges, roads, overpasses).
-objects under construction or objects of suspended construction.
- objects built on the moving terrain.
- gas and oil pipelines.
--objects in earthquake-prone areas.
-hydraulic structures.

The measuring module can be used by the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia in the aftermath of earthquakes, collapses, and analysis of debris in mines. The modules can be installed during rescue operations for the analysis of rubble, in order to control the static state of the surviving building structures and structures.

- Engineering design of the system design and specifications.
- Development of electrical circuits and software.
- Development of printed circuit boards for combined installation of electronic components on the Board (automatic and manual installation).
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