In this article we will discuss the rules of transportation and shipment of electroshock devices (stun guns) in trains and airplanes. Stun guns are classified as civilian weapons in accordance with Article 3 of the federal law "On weapons", and the same transportation rules apply to them as to other types of weapons and ammunition.


The owner of the weapon is responsible for compliance with the requirements of laws and regulations regarding the storage, transportation and shipment of weapons. Non-compliance with the rules of transportation and shipment of weapons can lead to the issuing of an administrative fine on the owner of the weapon, as well as cause the change of plans and spoil the trip.

Liability and penalties

Measures for violation of the rules of transportation and shipment of weapons - a fine of 1000 to 1500 rubles.

Possible measures for illegal transportation of weapons include arrest, imprisonment for up to 4 years and a fine of up to 80,000 rubles.

The difference between transportation and shipment

Transportation of weapons is executed by their owner from one location to another, for example, by private transport, train or plane.

Shipment is a service that a transport company provides to the owner of a weapon for payment. Depending on the type of weapon, a permit is required for this, and the organization must allow such cargo.

What documents regulate the transportation of weapons

  • Article 25 of the Federal Law "On weapons".
  • Section XIII of the rules of arms trafficking from Government Decree No. 814.
  • Administrative Regulations on the issuance of permits for the transportation of weapons.

Restrictions on the transportation of weapons

There is a restriction on the transportation of weapons on the territory of Russia: a maximum of 5 weapons and 1000 rounds of ammunition.

The owner of the weapon must have the documentation for the weapon and the appropriate permits and licenses.

Permits and licenses are not required for the transportation of the stun guns, just as they are not needed its purchase. The owner must have a conformity certificate for the electroshock device, as well as its passport. Sale pf the stun guns manufactured outside the Russian Federation is prohibited in accordance with Article 6 of the Law "On seapons", so their transportation/transportation is prohibited.

The weapon must be in a holster or case, it must be discharged and transported separately from cartridges.

It is recommended to contact the carrier in advance and coordinate the transportation of weapons, and arrive at the airport / departure station in advance for processing of the paperwork. The weapon will be taken at the departure airport, and returned to the passenger upon arrival.

The carrier may also charge an additional fee for transporting weapons.

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