Overview and prices of high-power legal certified stun guns and tasers. Buy stun guns without a license in the online store of self-defense weapons OBERON-ALPHA: with a flashlight, pocket stun gun, stun batons, gun-shaped tasers. Requirements for the seller, customer, and the required documents.






After you have decided to buy a self-defense weapon, have chosen the type, needed parameters, price category, and have considered in which situations you might have to use it, you should check the purchase rules.





Stun guns are self-defense weapons for civilians, and, as noted in previous parts, they can only be legally sold by an organization that has a license to manufacture and sell weapons. Each stun gun has a serial number that is registered by the seller and each serial number is assigned to a specific buyer.


To buy a stun gun you don`t need a permit, medical certificate or license: you will only need your passport. You need to be 18 y.o. or older.




There are only a few stun gun manufacturers in Russia, out of them OBERON-ALPHA manufactures the most efficient self-defense weapons. Efficiency of civilian stun guns made by OBERON-ALPHA is similar to the police stun gun models. OBERON-ALPHA company produces the following models:



Stun gun ZEUS is a remote-contact smart stun gun for self-defense. Developed and manufactured by OBERON-ALPHA. 1st class in stun gun classification. It is available in three models (ZEUS-L, length 40,5 cm; ZEUS-M, length 35,5 cm; ZEUS-S, length 30,5 cm), the price of the models also differs. Buy high-power stun gun, made in Russia, equipped with a flashlight, identification system, and lithium battery in OBERON-ALPHA online store.

ZEUS has the highest input power among stun guns made in Russia - 70 W.

Stun gun ZEUS can fire remote and flashbang cartridges. It has high impact resistance and reliability during operation. ZEUS has a Picatinny mounting rail. Certified.

Produced in modifications for civilians, police, custom (with power and voltage in accordance with the buyer`s request).

Stun gun ZEUS



Remote stun gun PHANTOM is a high-power pocket stun gun for civilians, 1st class, produced by OBERON-ALPHA. PHANTOM is intended for self-defense; it can fire flashbang and remote cartridges. One of its advantages is affordable price for a stun gun with an input power of 50W. You can buy high-power stun gun PHANTOM online in our catalog.

Removable battery for increased reliability, increased durability of the housing, black combat electrodes, symmetrical ergonomics, power button made from elastic anti-slip silicone, LED indication of the battery status, automatic charger. Certified. Dimensions: 36x60x30mm. Weight: 210g.

Produced in modifications for civilians, police, custom (with power and voltage in accordance with the buyer`s request).

Stun gun PHANTOM


Stun gun AVATAR is a contact stun gun for self-defense by civilians. Available in two models: Avatar Classic (black and gray) and Avatar Gold (black and bronze). Modern, reliable high-power class 1 stun gun with an ergonomically curved shape, a built-in lithium-polymer battery and an automatic charging device.

Buy high-power stun gun AVATAR at an affordable price from manufacturer's online store. Input power - 50W.

AVATAR has a power button made from elastic anti-slip silicone with LED indicator of the battery status and rubber anti-slip side pads. Comfortable for everyday use.

Certified. Dimensions: 140x51x29mm. Weight: 185g.

Stun gun AVATAR



Stun gun HYBRID is a pistol-shaped stun gun intended for use as a police special weapon and is designed to repel an attack, stop disobedience and limit the physical resistance of the offender.

Stun gun HYBRID has a magazine for two remote defeat cassettes with a quick reset function. The shooting distance is up to 6 meters. Stun gun HYBRID can differentially affect one or two objects simultaneously after firing at them. At the same time it`s possible to use the stun gun contact on the third target.

It is allowed to use the stun gun contact or to produce blank discharge with initiated cartridges or without firing them. Stun gun HYBRID has 4 side zones for blank discharge, that can be used for psychological impact on the offender.

Special safety system SHOT LOCK makes sure, that the cassettes don`t fire unintentionally during contact use of a stun gun or during demonstration of the blank discharge. HYBRID has an identification system that blocks the weapon if it is seized by an offender, or the system can be used for safe storage.

Stun gun HYBRID is made in a shock-resistant housing, has a removable lithium-polymer battery. Picatinny rail can be used for mounting flashlights, additional laser target designator or OM-18 weapon module. Plastic holster, developed for the stun gun HYBRID, uses a Tek-Lok mounting system and automatic safety release system. It allows you to carry the weapon with additional equipment installed.

Stun gun HYBRID


Cartridges extend functionality of the stun guns. Cartridges are developed for remote models of stun guns. They increase the safety of the stun gun operator.

Remote cartridges for stun gun PHANTOM and baton ZEUS are made for remote electroshock influence. Shot range for cartridge KD - 5.0 m.; for cartridge KD+ - 10 m., for Hybrid cassette - 6.0 m.

Flashbang cartridges are designed to provide psychophysical effects (deafening, blinding, disorientation) on the offender and, if necessary, for subsequent electroshock influence.

Remote and flashbang cartridges for stun guns


Author: S. V. Gusev

Head of the production department, chief designer of the stun guns in OBERON-ALPHA company.

2019-03-21 14:11:19


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