Comparison of shooting and contact stun guns: review, how do contact, single-shot and multi-shot stun guns work, how to use a stun gun, self-defense tactics. Types of cartridges for shooting stun guns.








Stun gun is a very popular self-defense weapon. Online stores that sell stun guns inform potential buyers about contact and shooting stun gun models, but, unfortunately, don`t always provide reliable information.

Which stun gun to buy? We will help you choose the best high-power stun gun: this expert article provides comparison of the capabilities of contact and shooting stun guns.

What is the difference between a contact and a single-shot/multi-shot stun gun is explained in Part 2 "Choosing the best stun gun". In this article we to elaborate the advantages of each weapon type, explain the specifics of their operation, and the use of stun guns for self-defense.


Read the article: Part 2. CHOOSING THE BEST STUN GUN




Contact stun gun is a self-defense weapon that can be applied only in direct contact. For electroshock influence, you need to bring the combat electrodes the attacker and turn on the discharge. High-voltage discharge from the combat electrodes will reach the attacker, even if there is a layer of clothing (jacket, leather coat, etc.). Despite the seemingly difficult use, this type of stun guns is the most popular and has the highest sales figures:

  1. Safe for the owner. Contact stun gun will not seriously hurt its user, if he accidentally turns the stun gun on (forgets to turn the safety fuse on, accidentally shocks himself, etc.).
  2. Wide application area. Closed spaces (elevators, apartment building entrances, cars), when an attacker is already close, getting attacked by a dog – in these situations a contact stun gun is the best self-defense option. It`s more efficient, than other self-defense means, and is safe for both sides..
  3. Guaranteed efficiency. Application from a short distance will allow you to apply the contact stun gun effectively to the vulnerable zone. If the situation is such that the first application is short, then you can use the stun gun again after the initial influence, when an attacker is in a shocked state. The stun gun does not need to be recharged.
  4. Made in Russia. High power contact stun gun produced by a well-known manufacturer is perfect self-defense means in domestic conflicts.
  5. Everyday use. The small size and weight (200-300 grams) make the contact stun gun convenient to carry in your pocket, on a wrist strap.
  6. Affordable price of a stun gun and the lack of additional costs during operation for several years after purchase is another advantage over the stun gun that use batteries.

 contact electroshock device

Shooting stun gun is a self-defense weapon that can have a remote electroshock impact on the target as well as contact impact.

Major advantage of shooting stun gun models is that they significantly expand the range of application. The stun gun can be used contact or remotely from a distance of up to 5 meters (shot range of a remote cartridge (KD) produced by OBERON-ALPHA). Some single-shot stun guns can use flashbang cartridges for psychophysical influence on a target or group of targets.

Shooting models are classified as single-shot and multi-shot. Their technical and combat differences are quite significant, and this difference will be discussed in a separate section of this article.

 contact electroshock device


Let's use stun gun PHANTOM as an example to talk about the technical aspect of the device.

Stun gun has a rechargeable battery, which is installed in the device after charging. Stun gun has a slider-safety fuse and a battery status indicator, which is designed as a light on the power button and which turns on after taking the fuse off.

When a stun gun user presses the discharge button, the stun gun begins to generate high-voltage circuit. PHANTOM uses high-voltage transformer located in the front of the device, it has a frequency of about 250 Hz. High-voltage transformer increases this voltage and transmits it to the combat electrodes of the stun gun.

Stun gun produced a blank discharge: each combat electrode has its own cutting electrode, the blank discharge goes from one cutting electrode to another. This protects the stun gun electronics from overheating and failure during discharge.

One of the combat electrodes has a high electrical potential relative to the second combat electrode. As soon as a conductive object, such as the attacker's body, approaches the combat electrodes, the high-voltage discharge, seeking to pass along the shortest path, will go from one combat electrode to the attacker's body and return to the second combat electrode.

Stun gun manufacturers recommend placing the combat electrodes as close as possible body of the attacker through the clothes, because with a closer contact, the high-voltage system of powerful stun guns begins to work more effectively due to the lengthening of the impulse.





Application of single-shot stun guns:

- Contact. To use a single-shot stun gun, bring combat electrodes in direct contact with the target`s body. Contact application is possible, if the stun gun isn`t loaded with cartridges.

- Remote psychophysical. Install the flashbang cartridge in a special socket of the device. The cartridge is initiated with the combat electrodes. A bright flash and a loud bang when the cartridge is triggered have a strong disorienting effect on the target or group of targets. After initializing the cartridge, it can be a) replaced with another cartridge for a new remote application, b) taken off, then the stun gun can be used contact, c) left mounted on the stun gun, which can be applied contact with the cartridge`s own combat electrodes. The cartridge itself will be a "bridge" for the electric current from the combat electrodes to the target.

- Remote electroshock. Install the remote cartridge in a special socket of the device. The cartridge is initiated with the combat electrodes, that ignite special micro-pyrotechnic charges and special probes with harpoon needles are fired from its acceleration channels. The probes fly out at a speed of 80-100 m/s and fly towards the target (it should be noted that the flight speed of the bullet in a pistol is about 350 m/s.). The probes are connected to the cartridge by thin wires with a 0.4 mm diameter, then after they are fixed on the target, the high-voltage electroshock current is transmitted from the stun gun to the target: the cartridge is a link that helps transfer high-voltage current to the target.

 remote cartridges, remote plus (CD, CD+) and flash-noise cartridge (kssh) for electroshock devices

Important! By pressing the discharge button of a stun gun with a remote cartridge mounted on it, a shot is fired, but to transfer electroshock discharge on the target, you must continue to hold the discharge button.

Important! The optimal distance for a shot is 2-3 meters. You need to leave a margin for possible movement of the target after fixing the probes on it (the he backs up, falls) to avoid ripping the wires if that happens.

Remote cartridges can have a protection system against wire breakdown (a cut-off of the discharge): if the probes are attached to thick clothing and the discharge isn`t being transferred to the attacker's body, protection system will save the wires from breakdown until the contact with the target appears.



Let's use stun gun HYBRID (made by OBERON-ALPHA) as an example to talk about the technical aspect of multi-shot stun guns.

First of all, it should be noted that the stun gun Hybrid has two transformers. Each high-voltage transformer has its own pair of combat electrodes placed on the front section of the device. In addition, each transformer system can be used contact or remotely independently.

Smart stun gun Hybrid is the most advanced and powerful stun gun. You can only buy it directly from the manufacturer in Moscow on the contract basis. It is delivered to specialized organizations, a civilian model will be available at an affordable price.

Stun gun Hybrid has two trigger switches (left and right) located in the upper part of the stun gun and each high-voltage system operates depending on the position of the corresponding trigger.

 Stun gun HYBRID

- Contact influence. You don`t need to remove remote cartridges from the stun gun to apply it contact. Stun gun can produce blank discharge or can be applied contact with the cartridges installed. For contact use, move the triggers in the "contact" position (storage in the holster is also recommended in the "contact" position). The stun gun will influence the target with both electroshock lines, doubling its efficiency.

- Remote electroshock influence on one target. Multi-shot stun gun Hybrid is stored in a holster with a magazine for 2 stun cartridges, so to prepare it for the shot, you need to switch the trigger of the corresponding high-voltage system to the "shot" mode. Pressing the "Discharge" button will fire the shot. Holding the button further will allow you to continue affecting the target. In this case, the second line is free and can be used for contact application. If you pull 2 triggers, the shot will be fired simultaneously from two cartridges and two electroshock lines will be affecting the target simultaneously.

Remote electroshock influence of Taser X2 and Taser X3 models (produced by Axon, USA) is somewhat different. Pressing the trigger shoots the cartridge and immediately delivers a discharge for 5 seconds. To use the discharge again, you need to press not the trigger, but a different button located on the side under the index finger. A indicator monitor is used to select the cartridge for individual remote impact on the target, which is not always convenient.

- Remote electroshock influence on multiple targets. Stun gun Hybrid produced by OBERON-ALPHA, Moscow, can provide electric shock to 2 targets simultaneously. In turn, the appropriate selection trigger is pulled and the shot is fired. Which transformer line will send the discharge along the line, whether the line will work remotely or contact, is chosen by the stun gun operator. If two targets are affected remotely, the stun gun can be used contact against the third target by bringing the combat electrodes directly to the body of the third attacker, then both high-voltage lines will be used on the third object.

It should be noted that the manufacturer of Taser models does not recommend using their weapons in contact, since a high-voltage discharge of the Taser stun gun can provoke aggression and doesn`t have enough power to immobilize the target.




1. Remote cartridges include cartridges KD and KD+ produced by OBERON-ALPHA. KD fires in a range of up to 5 meters, and KD+ fires in a range of up to 10 meters. The manufacturer recommends shooting from a distance of 2-3 meters, at which an untrained user (civilian use) is most likely to hit the target, and the wire is long enough to follow the target.

When shooting, keep in mind that a live target can move unpredictably.

2. Flashbang cartridges include the cartridge KSSH produced by OBERON-ALPHA. The cartridge produces a bright flash and a loud bang of an explosion, which is effective as the first step in self-defense.

3.Another example of remote cartridges is the Taser cartridge for the stun gun TASER X2/X3. The firing range of different cartridge models can be 4.6 m or higher. Probes are ejected by compressed air, the usage of a gas system in the cartridge makes it relatively expensive.




Efficiency of self-defense is determined by:

  • When you use a stun gun for self-defense, you have a psychological impact on the enemy with a loud electroshock discharge. High voltage discharge makes an aggressor scared of the possible use of the weapon. You can demonstrate the discharge to stray dogs or opponents, who are not stronger than you are. If they are stronger, it is not recommended to display the weapon.
  • You can be touching the offender, when you are using the stun gun against him. Only the part of the attacker's body between the combat electrodes is exposed to high voltage.
  • Use the stun gun on effective areas. The most vulnerable points are the neck, groin, solar plexus, heart area, as well as the upper chest and upper thigh.
  • Apply unexpectedly. Unexpected use of the self-defense weapon does not allow the offender to prepare psychologically for the impact and take preventive measures. Unexpected use of a flashbang cartridge puts the opponent in a state of psychological stupor.
  • One of the fundamental rules of effective contact use of a stun gun is to accompany the movement of the target during use: when you are using the stun gun, the electrodes should be tightly pressed to the aggressor`s body. The electrodes shouldn`t be sliding over the surface.
  • Efficiency is directly related to the distance from the working electrodes to the affected area. Maximum efficiency can be achieved if the electrodes touch the attacker's body or are in close proximity (2-3mm) to the affected area, or if they have cut through the skin surface and entered under the skin. This is an important recommendation.
  • The first application can be in a random spot, it serves to shock an opponent. Then, if necessary, the stun gun can be applied to the effective zone.
  • When using shooting cartridges, aim at the open areas, to which the probes can be attached.
  • if the attacker is wearing thick winter clothing or a jacket, remote cartridge may not be effective. You need to be ready to remove it and use the stun gun contact.
  • You should understand the basic principles of the stun gun operation, the specifics of application on biological object, and not be afraid of the discharge. Keep the stun gun ready: check and charge the battery when necessary.




Only the customer can decide, which stun gun model is best for him: the shooting or the contact model. OBERON-ALPHA develops and produces high-power certified stun guns for self-defense in Moscow, you will need only your passport to buy it.




Don`t simply buy a high-power stun gun, take manufacturer's recommendations into account, that concern wearability, ergonomics, the price, as well as the cost of cartridges for shooting models.

The more complex the device and the wider its capabilities are, the higher will the efficiency of self-defense be. You should pay attention to the technical features, study its operation principle. Evaluate possible situations, in which you may use it, and keep the stun gun ready.


Author: S. V. Gusev

Head of the production department, chief designer of the stun guns in OBERON-ALPHA company.

2019-03-22 08:24:22


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