AVATAR DK.111 is a shooting stun gun for self-defense against offenders and aggressive animals.


Stun gun AVATAR DK.111 belongs to the highest class of efficiency. AVATAR has the maximum allowed parameters of output voltage and power of influence for effective self-defense in any conditions.

AVATAR is a modern remote contact stun gun from a Russian manufacturer, released on the market at the end of 2021.

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Stun gun AVATAR DK.111. Remote-contact stun gun for self-defense

Main technical characteristics:

  • Output voltage on the stun gun combat electrodes, kV - 90;
  • Power of influence, W, not less than - 3;
  • Climate conditions operates in temperature range from -20 °С to +50 °С and relative humidity up to 98% at +25°С;
  • Weight, kg - 0.2;
  • Overall dimensions (excluding the length of the combat electrodes), mm - 151 x 51.4 x 32.5;
  • Length of combat electrodes, mm - 8;
  • The distance between the combat electrodes, mm - 40;
  • Shot range, m - 5.

Compact stun gun (weight - only 210 grams) is convenient for daily use. Fits in the pockets of clothes, does not take up much space in the bag.

The stun gun AVATAR has a powerful built-in lithium polymer battery designed for the entire service life of the product.

Main technical characteristics of the battery:

  • Rechargeable battery LiPol - 11.1V / 600 mAh;
  • Cycles of operation of the stun gun with a fully charged battery, not less than 250;
  • The number of battery charge cycles, not less than 500.
The battery of the stun gun AVATAR is discharged by only 10% per month in storage mode, so if the stun gun is not used regularly, it is recommended to recharge the battery once every four months.

The ZS-11.1-600 charger is included into the standard set. The stun gun can only be charged with a charger included in the standart set.

Battery charging procedure:

1.Turn the fuse ON;

2.Remove the plug of the charging connector. The silicone plug is attached to the stun gun and will not be lost during operation.

3.Connect the charger to the network;

4. Carefully connect the automatic charger, model ZS-11.1-600, to the stun gun without exerting excessive force to the charging connector;

The approximate battery charge time is 40 minutes. The charger has an indicator (red/green) that informs about the end of the battery charge.

5. After the end of the charge, install the plug in the connector. The plug fits tightly into the charging connector to ensure its tightness. Make sure that the plug is installed to the end.

If the charger is connected to the network in the reverse order, the indicator will flash, incorrectly displaying the battery charge level.

ЭШУ АВАТАР ДК.111. Дистанционно-контактный электрошокер для самообороны

Safety precautions

Perform all operations for charging and discharging the ESU, installing and removing the protective cover with the device on the fuse!

According to GOST R 50940-96, the time of a single exposure should not exceed 3 s.

It is strictly prohibited to use a stun gun against persons under the age of 16, pregnant women, persons with obvious signs of disability, as well as against persons with pronounced mental illnesses, except in cases of an attack that threatens the life and health of people.

The use of a stun gun can lead to a loss of coordination, balance and a fall of the object of influence. This can cause serious physical injuries.

It is forbidden to use the stun gun when using cartridges from a distance of less than 1m.

Appearance and operation

The Avatar stun gun has a modern ergonomic design. All controls are located on the top of the device under the thumb. The location of the buttons is as convenient as possible for using the ESU contact and remotely, the shocker is suitable for right-handed and left-handed people (it has a symmetrical body).

AVATAR has a comfortable grip. The stun gun fits comfortably in your hand, and its curved body allows you to aim accurately when initiating a remote cartridge.

There are decorative pads on the sides of the stun gun. The lower part of the body of the stun gun has a rough texture that prevents the plastic from sliding in the hand.

A wrist strap is included as standard. To insert the belt into the stun gun, we recommend stretching it with a thread tied around the loop of the wrist strap (see photo). The belt hole is "recessed" into the body of the stun gun and is not conspicuous.

ЭШУ АВАТАР ДК.111. Дистанционно-контактный электрошокер для самообороны

Control elements

Convenient fuse. Removing the device from the fuse is carried out by shifting the fuse to the side. When the stun gun is removed from the fuse, the LED indicator displays the status of the battery. The green color of the indicator indicates a sufficient battery level, the red color indicates that the battery needs to be recharged.

The switch-on button of the electric shock arrester is made of silicone. The size of the button is 16x16 mm, convenient to press, does not allow the finger to slip when pressed.

The cartridge reset button allows you to quickly and conveniently discharge the electric shock. The button moves forward by a few millimeters, lowering the spring-loaded cartridge lock. Similarly, the protective cover of the combat electrodes is removed.

Contact application of AVATAR DK.111

Stun gun AVATAR has sharp combat electrodes, the length is 8 mm. Sharp electrodes allow you to minimize the distance to the target and increase the effectiveness of the impact of the ESU.

A protective cover for combat electrodes is included as standard. The cover is installed on the front of the stun gun and is fixed by the cartridge lock.

The stun gun with an attached lid is convenient for operation: it does not cling and does not tear the fabric of pockets and bags. You can use the stun gun in contact with the installed protective cover. In this case, the stun gun must be pressed tightly against the object to prevent the electrodes from slipping and reducing the effectiveness of the impact.

ЭШУ АВАТАР ДК.111. Дистанционно-контактный электрошокер для самообороны

Remote application of the AVATAR DK.111 stun gun

To install the cartridge on the stun gun AVATAR DK.111, it is necessary to carefully insert the cartridge legs into the corresponding shafts located on the front of the stun gun.

Attach the cartridge with a forward motion until it clicks (locking the cartridge lock).

The cartridge for installation is symmetrical and is installed in the shafts of the stun gun in an arbitrary orientation (label up or label down).

To ensure the accuracy of the shot from the remote cartridge, there is an open sight in the form of longitudinal projections on the front of the case, coinciding with the aiming line.

Shot from the remote cartridge stun gun AVATAR

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