By the end of 2020 Rusguard (police) plans to launch a platform, which will allow effective control over the circulation of weapons and the issuance of licenses.

Rosguard will switch to an IT platform for arms control

A web portal is being developed for Rosguard to control the turnover of weapons, from the weapons factory to the final buyer, and to manage companies that provide security services. The new platform is designed to simplify and automate the work of Rosgvardiya employees, reports Kommersant.

By the end of 2020, the development of an information system for controlling the turnover of weapons and managing security services, which is performed by the research Institute "Voskhod", should be completed. The total cost of the project is about 540 million rubles.

The system is intended for use by weapon manufacturers, gun stores, and gun buyers.

Instead of keeping records on physical media (weapons books), weapon producers and stores will enter buyers' data and information about their purchased weapons and ammunition into the system. Rosguard will have access to this information, which will facilitate the control of arms trafficking.

In addition, the portal can be used to place an application and get a license to buy and store weapons. For the convenience of using the portal, it is planned to develop apps for Android and iOS. Apart from the convenience of maintaining documentation, the platform will help fighting the forgery of documents: licenses and medical certificates.


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