Hogweed was imported from the Caucasus for use as cattle feed. However, the plant turned out to be dangerous for people, and after it was no longer used as food, it spread across fields and suburban areas.


Hogweed causes severe burns in contact with skin even through clothing. The plant's juice contains furocoumarins - photodynamically active compounds - which make it dangerous in sunlight.

Many people don't know how dangerous hogweed burns are.

All parts of hogweed – stems, leaves, and even flowers – can cause burns.

In addition, the essential oils of this plant can cause irritation in the mouth and nose.

Burns caused by contact with hogweed take a long time to heal and leave dark spots on the skin for several years.

Hogweed burn: symptoms, first aid, treatment. EPLUN for treatment of burns

Symptoms of hogweed burn

Itching, redness of the skin and swelling.

After a while, blisters appear on the place of the burn. This usually occurs a few hours after contact with the plant.

If you got burnt by hogweed, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

First aid for hogweed burns

If you get burned with hogweed, you need to clean the burn area. Blot the burn area (but do not RUB the plant's juice on the skin) with an absorbent cloth.

Protect your skin from sun exposure: cover the affected area with clothing or a bandage and Enter the room. Remember that in the shade of a tree or house, you are still exposed to UV rays.

When In an enclosed area, wash the burn area. After cleaning the skin from the plant juice, apply effective medication for burns – EPLAUN solution or cream. Apply the napkin EPLUN® for 100 wounds® and secure it with a light bandage.

It is recommended to keep the affected area under a bandage for about two days to protect it from sunlight. After this time, the furanocoumarins from the plant juice that got into the skin will be destroyed.

Treatment of hogweed burns

Treatment should be performed daily or every other day, depending on the condition of the wound.

If blisters appear on the site of a Hogweed burn, do not break their integrity. Protect your skin from infection.

Use burn treatment for regular wound treatment.

EPLAN for treating burns with Hogweed

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