In the articles of the pseudo stun guns section, we write in detail about the stun guns made in China - devices that are not suitable for self-defense due to their inefficiency and poor quality.

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Is it worth buying Taser Stun Guns RD-5M for self-defense? Detailed overview of the device

In previous articles, we talked about cheap stun guns (YB-1320, 928 TYPE and 1101 POLICE TYPE), analyzed in detail their stated characteristics and explained why they do not correspond to reality. In these articles, we also talked in detail about certification, standarts for electroshock devices, rules for the sale of civilian self-defense weapons in the Russian Federation and other theoretical aspects.

Chinese shocker for self-defense

The previously named stun guns are relatively inexpensive, and if they break down quickly, it will not be a surprise or disappointment for the buyer. This article will talk about a more expensive Chinese stun gun sold under the name Taser Stun Guns RD-5M (not affiliated with Axon Enterprise, Inc., USA, which produces Taser stun guns).

The price of Taser Stun Guns RD-5M is significant - 5900 rubles. This is comparable to the cost of a Class 2 certified stun guns (devices manufactured in Russia).

Chinese shocker for self-defense

Taser Stun Guns RD-5M - Fake from China

The name of the device is borrowed from a real, recognizable brand. Axon (formerly Taser) is the largest manufacturer of electroshock devices, a monopolist in the US stun gun market. The company's products are so popular and recognizable that the word taser has become a household name for tasers in English. Many police departments in the United States use Taser stun guns. Original devices cost from 500 to 1000 dollars. The name of the RD-5M model is just randomly invented so that it sounds like one of the many other models of the Taser stun guns.

Chinese shocker for self-defense

The design of this device resembles a Taser C2 shooting taser (and partly Taser X26), but the stun gun is made more roughly and of low quality. Taser Stun Guns RD-5M looks very primitive, it is made of cheap plastic without attention to detail.

Such a name and design misleads consumers, promising high quality and efficiency of application. However, if we place the Taser Stun Guns RD-5M and the original model side by side, it becomes clear that we are dealing with a very cheap fake.


Let's look at the technical characteristics of the device (we use the first site from the search query as a source), and then discuss them. In this section, we will explain why you should not blindly believe the stated data without subjecting them to review and verification.

Chinese shocker for self-defense

Characteristics of Taser Stun Guns RD-5M:

  • Voltage - 80,000 kV;
  • Frequency - 500 Hz;
  • Thickness of the clothing penetration - 63 mm;
  • The time of recovery from the shock state - 65 minutes;
  • Overall dimensions - 120x76x30 mm;
  • Weight - 500 gr.

These are all the characteristics specified for this device on the seller's website. The power of the discharge, the distance between the combat electrodes are not specified, there is no information about the battery, manufacturer and certification.

Let's analyze the declared characteristics by points:

1) Voltage - 80,000 kV.

In accordance with GOST R for electroshock devices, civilian stun guns can have an output voltage of no-load discharge up to 90 kV. Such devices belong to the 1st, most efficient, class. It is impossible to get a voltage a thousand times higher in such a compact device. In addition, a stun gun with a voltage above 90 kV would not have passed certification as a civilian self-defense weapon and would be dangerous to use.

2) Discharge frequency - 500 Hz.

You can determine the frequency "approximately" even by ear from the video – it is several times lower than the stated one.

From the video, you can also evaluate the simplicity and angularity of the device. There is a much higher standard of design and quality of self-defense equipment among domestic manufacturers of Class 1 stun gun , as well as in the non-lethal weapons market as a whole. If the buyer pays 6 thousand for the product, he expects the quality to be significantly higher than what is shown in the video.

3) The thickness of the clothing penetration - 63 mm.

To get a similar result, the electrodes of the device would have to be at a distance of 12.6 cm from each other (the thickness of the breakdown of clothing is half the distance between the electrodes). Obviously, in reality, the electrodes are closer to each other, and this parameter is unattainable.

4) The time to recover from the shock state - 65 min.

No civilian or service electroshock weapon has a similar effect, since it would be unsafe for the target of exposure, and the weapon would not pass certification. Taser Stun Guns RD-5M stun gun cannot produce a similar effect.


In Russia, you can buy an effective certified electroshock self-defense weapon without the need to obtain permits and licenses. After spending a little time searching for information or consulting in a gun store, you can learn about the Class 1 stun gun – the most effective electroshock weapon for self-defense.

In this article, we tried to warn against buying fakes that use the reputation of established manufacturers, and from serious expenses, the result of which will not meet expectations.

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