In the previous article in the "Pseudo stun guns" section, we wrote about the OSA-1101 Police stun gun. In this article it was shown that the claimed characteristics of this device do not correspond to its real parameters, and it is ineffective for self-defense against aggressive people or animals.

We will continue the series of articles by analyzing information about another stun gun under the same brand - the DYP-928 TYPE with anti-grap plates.

Note that this article is relevant mostly to the Russian market only, but you may still find it interesting to read, even if you live in another country.


As we described in the previous article, devices made in China are not electroshock devices (as defined in GOST R 50940-96). Despite this, online stores mislead customers by selling these devices as stun guns.

For such a purpose as ensuring your own safety, it is important to know who produced your self-defense device, whether it meets the stated characteristics and the expected level of quality of parts and assembly.

Unfortunately, a huge number of "stun guns" present on the Russian market do not correspond to the parameters stated on them. Their technical specifications are written by sellers who do not understand the topic of electroshock weapons, in order to attract a buyer with large numbers and sell a low-quality device.

DYP-928 TYPE - Chinese shocker

As consumers, we are used to believing what sellers and manufacturers write on websites and in the instructions for their products. Among self-respecting sellers, it is not customary to double, triple or tenfold the parameters of their products and mislead the buyer. But studying the offers of cheap Chinese shockers, we see the opposite picture: their stated parameters do not correspond to reality. In most cases, the information about them is distorted so much that it would be physically impossible to reproduce these parameters even with a multimillion-dollar budget or discarding compliance with the requirements of the law. The laws of physics literally do not allow you to create a device that is sold for 1000 rubles and is made from cheap components in a factory in China.

What's wrong with the DYP-928 TYPE stun gun?

Consider the parameters of the stun gun DYP-928 TYPE. These technical specifications are listed in the online store, which is displayed in the first position for the search query "stun gun DYP 928 type" in Google.

OSA-928 TYPE - Chinese stun gun

Declared characteristics of the DYP-928 TYPE stun gun

  • Manufacturer - DYP
  • Stun gun class - 1st class
  • Type - Classic stun gun
  • Case material - Impact-resistant plastic
  • Discharge voltage - 50000 KV
  • Flashlightpower - 100 W
  • Penetrated clothing - up to 55 mm
  • Safety fuse - Yes
  • Length - 16.5 cm
  • Weight - 165 g
  • Power supply - Built-in battery
  • Features - Anti-gripping plates, powerful

In the description of the stun guns on other sites, they also state that "The high voltage of the discharge of the stun gun guarantees incapacitating the attacker for 40 minutes."

Note that completely different characteristics may be indicated on different sites (for example, voltage from 8000 kV to 50,000 kV, the size of the device also varies depending on the source).

You can even buy the DYP-938 TYPE stun gun on marketplaces. As we wrote in the previous article, sale of weapons on such sites is prohibited. Unfortunately, since it is only called "stun gun", but is not certified for sale in the Russian Federation, the site allows its publication.

DYP-928 TYPE - Chinese stun gun

Let's consider the parameters of the DYP-928 stun gun

1) Manufacturer - OSA (in Russia)/ DYP (in China). It is important to mention that electroshock devices belong to civilian weapons in accordance with the law "On Weapons" N 150-FZ. This means that the manufacturers of stun guns must have a license to manufacture and sell weapons. Only devices manufactured in Russia are allowed for sale on the territory of the Russian Federation. There are only a few stun gun manufacturing companies in Russia, "DYP" is not one of them. OSA/DYP is just a name for stun guns imported from China, there is no specific company behind this name that guarantees you the quality of the goods, certification, warranty and post–warranty service. In case of a warranty issue, you can only contact the online store that sold you the product. The store will exchange your product or refund the money at best, and at worst, it will refuse responsibility for the product sold to you.

For comparison, buying electroshock devices manufactured by OBERON-ALPHA, regardless of the place and date of purchase of the device, you can always contact us online and by phone, contact our service center or come to the company's office for consultations.

No DYP product gives you such an opportunity.

2) Stun gun class - 1st class. Assignment of the stun gun class requires compliance of the device with the characteristics specified in GOST R 50940-96. The class of the stun gun is indicated in the Certificate of Conformity for it. Without passing certification and biomedical tests, this characteristic is not valid and should not have an impact on your decision to buy a stun gun.

This is what the certificate of conformity looks like on stun gun 1st class AVATAR DK.111. When buying an AVATAR for self-defense, you can be sure of its effectiveness and safety, since this stun gun has passed the necessary medical and biological tests that confirmed its safety for the life and health of the object of exposure.

Stun gun AVATAR DK.111. Certificate of Conformity

3) The discharge voltage is 50,000 kV. 50 million Volts is an indicator that cannot be obtained in such dimensions of the device if voltage measurement is carried out in accordance with GOST R 50940-96. Class 1 electroshock devices have a voltage of up to 90 kV in accordance with GOST ESU. To get an indicator a thousand times higher would be impossible and would not correspond to the characteristics permitted by law. The real voltage of this stun gun does not correspond even to the 3rd stun gun class. Sellers of Chinese stun guns seek to get a buyer due to the wow factor and excellent parameters, but in reality these characteristics turn out to be fiction.

It is also worth noting that in the photo of the DYP-928 TYPE stun gun on the Internet you can see stickers with various data: 8,000 kV, 12,000 kV, 35,000 kV, 38,000 kV,… None of them can be trusted.

4) Flashlight power is 100 watts. The work of the DYP-928 TYPE flashlight can be observed in the video uploaded above. It has an ordinary built-in flashlight that can illuminate the road a few meters ahead in the dark.

For comparison, a 100W spotlight is being tested on this video below (starting at 7:26). The difference between the stun gun's flashlight and this spotlight is obvious. It is also worth noting that such spotlights cost from 2 to 10 thousand rubles. DYP-928 stun gun costs 1500 rubles.

5) The thickness of penetrated clothing/air is 55 mm. This parameter is calculated as half the distance between its control electrodes. If the distance to the object of influence is greater, the electric discharge will "choose" the shortest path and go between the control electrodes. As mentioned earlier, it is difficult to find out the exact size of the device, since it varies in different online stores. Most often it is noted as 170x45x30 mm.

DYP-928 TYPE - Chinese stun guns

The photo shows how small the distance between the control electrodes is. It is about a third of the width of the stun gun, and based on the size of the stun gun, it is about 15 mm. This means that the real thickness of the breakdown of the DYP stun gun is approximately 7 mm instead of the 55 mm provided.

6. Power supply - Built-in battery. The battery in the DYP-928 TYPE stun gun is lithium-ion. The specific characteristics of the battery are not specified, although this is a very important characteristic for evaluating the power of any stun gun.

7. Features - Antigrab plates.

This technology is successfully used in electroshock weapons, for example, in the electroshock baton ZEUS DK.111.

Stun gun ZEUS II

But the quality and operation of the anti-grab plates in the DYP stun gun raise some questions. Firstly, they are held only by the screw-on electrode, which can be seen on the video at 4:39. This is a very unreliable design. Secondly, on a compact stun gun, this creates a danger for its user, since the high-voltage zone is very close to the grip of the device. Even if the antigrab plates work as stated, their usefulness is debatable.Its electroshock zone is small, and if you wrap your hand around it, there will be contact with the working electrodes in any case.

8. The time of incapacitation the opponent is 40 minutes. If this parameter implies loss of consciousness, then a weapon with a similar effect would be dangerous to the life and health of the target and would not pass certification. For DYP-928 TYPE, this is an unattainable parameter, its impact force may be sufficient for a slight painful effect. It is impossible to achieve a stopping effect and disabling the enemy with its help.


Choosing a means of self–defense is an important decision on which your safety and health may depend in a dangerous situation. Unfortunately, not all products on the market are of high quality and correspond to the specified description. The self-defense market is full of cheap Chinese shockers with stunning characteristics that do not correspond to reality.

We recommend you to choose powerful certified electroshock devices for self-defense, manufactured in Russia.

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