The search "buy a stun gun for self-defense" produces the results for every taste and budget. Most of them have one factor in common – they have nothing to do with real electroshock devices (as defined in the law "On Weapons" No. 150-FZ).

A licensed manufacturer of the stun guns is obliged to comply with many requirements for the operation (the presence of weapon room with an alarm, paperwork, and so on), certification and sale of its products. For several licensed manufacturers of stun guns in Russia there is a huge number of websites and offline stores selling Chinese "stun guns", which are not subject to any control by the Ministry of internal affairs or other state bodies. In fact, these Chinese stun guns are not self-defense weapons, are illegal on the territory of the Russian Federation and do not correspond to the information provided about them by the seller.

Is it worth buying a shocker Osa 1101 Police

A buyer who has not previously researched self-defense weapons cannot quickly navigate the offers on the innumerable sites and the lists of "best most efficient stun"guns, and risks buying a low-quality thing that will be absolutely useless in a dangerous situation.

Civilian electroshock self–defense weapons - a useful article about which devices are legal for sale in Russia, and how to avoid buying a Chinese fake.

A series of articles in the section "Pseudo stun guns" is meant to warn against wasting money and tell about the most common Chinese stun guns on the market.


In this article we will look at the Osa-1101 Police stun gun.

Stun guns under the brand "Osa" are often found on sale in online stores. There is no information about the manufacturer in the description to the device - the stun gun is made in China, and the seller's name has no relevance for buyers in Russia.

Is it worth buying a stun gun Osa 1101 Police

This device is not certified, and its stated characteristics, as well as the safety of the device, are not confirmed by measurements and medical research.

Neither the manufacturer nor the seller carry any responibility for the device before the buyer. Repairing the device would also be impossible.

The price of the Osa-1101 Police "stun guns" brand does not exceed 2500 rubles – these devices sold to people who want to save money or test a new device, and it won`t be critical to waste this sum of money.

In addition to self-defense sites, Chinese "stun guns" can also be found on marketplaces. For example, on Wildberries there are offers of "electric flashlights" that have many reviews and are being sold well. At the same time, the product description does not contain any technical characteristics related to the electroshock functions of the device: power of influence, voltage, distance between the combat electrodes, and so on.  

Is it worth buying a Osa 1101 Police stun gun

It is worth saying that the sale of civilian weapons on such sites is prohibited, but this does not prevent marketplaces from allowing such items and providing access to a huge number of customers.

Technical information about the stun gun Osa-1101 Police

It is quite interesting that the technical characteristics for this device differ depending on which online store it is sold in.

For this article, let's take the description from the most popular site shown when searched for Osa 1101 Police: "The discharge voltage - 15,000,000 Volts. The spark generation frequency - 320 Hz. Thickness of the penetrated clothing - 47 mm. Time of recovery from the shock state - 45 minutes. Built-in safety fuse. Built-in flashlight. Overall dimensions 165x34x34 mm. Weight 180 g".

Is it worth buying a shocker Osa 1101 Police

Let 's consider them point by point:

"Discharge voltage - 15,000,000 volts". This characteristic is indicated solely to attract buyers who have no idea which data are realistic and which are not. For comparison, in accordance with GOST ESHU R 50940-96, Class 1 electroshock devices have an output voltage at the working electrodes up to 90,000 volts. Police stun guns have the voltage of 110 000 – 130 000 volts. The photos of the device show the label with 20,000 kV on it. This is just an unrealistic parameter, that can`t be measured on this device.

For any electroshock device, information about the power of influence is also relevant (for example, for a Class 1 ESU, it is 2-3 Watts) – andit is not even presented for this stun gun.

"Spark generation frequency 320 Hz". It is enough to open the video where the discharge of the Osa 1101 Police is demonstrated to make sure that this is not the case. It has a low frequency, which is clearly audible in the video.

"Thickness of the penetrated clothing - 47 mm". The possible gap between the working electrodes of the device and the object is determined by the distance between the control electrodes. If the distance to the affected object exceeds 1/2 of the distance between the control electrodes, the discharge will pass between the latter. Based on the overall dimensions of the device - 165x34x34 mm - it cannot provide such characteristic.

" Time of recovery from the shock state - 45 minutes." This characteristic is difficult to take seriously. No electroshock device is capable of disabling a person for such a long time. Such an impact would be dangerous to human life and health, and it would be extremely difficult to achieve for a compact electroshock device.

"Built-in flashlight". The only thing this device can be useful for is the function of a built–in flashlight to illuminate the road to the house or the door when the light bulb has burned out. Unfortunately, such devices are bought for other purposes – for personal protection, for which they are not intended at all.


So, as one can see, all the technical characteristics of the Osa 1101 Police stun gun are made up and do not correspond to reality. This device is a cheap Chinese spark generator, which is absolutely ineffective against any live target.

Its low cost is a crucial factor for many buyers who are not familiar with the market and do not know that this device cannot meet the stated characteristics.

If you want to buy an efficient stun gun for self–defense, choose only certified Class 1 devices from Russian manufacturers.

Catalog of civil electroshock devices manufactured by OBERON-ALPHA

If you are looking for a self-defense weapon in a low price range, it will be justified to consider other options, for example, a pepper spray. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, but most importantly, they perform the stated functions, unlike low-quality Chinese stun guns.

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