In the previous articles we`ve talked about stun guns 928 TYPE and 1101 POLICE TYPE for self-defense. Their claimed correcteristics didn`t correspond to reality, and they were ineffective as a weapon.


The production and sale of electroshock self-defense weapons is regulated by the following regulatory documents: GOST R 50940-96 and the Federal Law "On Weapons" No. 150-FZ.

As we have already written in previous articles, electroshock devices are subject to certification, must be manufactured in Russia and must comply with GOST R 50940-96 No. "Electroshock devices. General technical conditions". If these conditions are not met, then the device being sold is not a stun gun, and its use for self-defense is not safe.

Chinese shocker for self-defense

For more information about the production and sale of stun guns on the Russian market, see articles about stun gun "OSA-1101"and stun gun "OSA-928".

In this article we will answer other questions concerning Chinese stun guns in Russia.

Why should you buy a certified electroshock device for self-defense, and not cheaper stun guns?

Manufacturers and sellers of electroshock devices in Russia operate in accordance with the requirements of the laws of the Russian Federation, are constantly monitored by the licensing authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, receive licenses for the production and / or sale of weapons. Electroshock devices made in Russia are certified, their safety is confirmed by medical and biological studies, and their parameters are confirmed by measurements in the laboratory.

When you buy a Chinese stun gun with a voltage of, for example, 50 million volts, this parameter exists only on the package, and the real voltage turns out to be no more than several tens of kilovolts (that is, more than a thousand times less). Since the sale of Chinese stun guns is not regulated in any way, and their characteristics are not checked, any parameters can be stated for them. Most buyers won't be able to check them anyway.

Interesting note

There are other categories of goods where there is a problem of absurdly inflated characteristics. For readers who speak English, this video about a similar problem in the market of pocket lanterns may be interesting. In the video, you can see that cheap Chinese lanterns with incredibly high brightness and duration of operation are sold on the Amazon marketplace. Checking the operation of these flashlights showed results 90-98% worse than stated. At the same time, in the search on the site, they are displayed in the first by rating: due to the combination of low price and high promises, it is difficult to resist buying these flashlights.


For a detailed analysis of the characteristics of the YB-1320 stun gun, let's take the information specified in the online store, which is in the first place in the search query.

Chinese shocker for self-defense

Technical specifications:

  • Discharge voltage 50,000,000 Volts
  • Sparking frequency 350 Hz
  • The thickness of the breakdown of clothing is 60 mm
  • Shock recovery time 60 min
  • Built-in fuse
  • Built-in flashlight 200 W
  • Overall dimensions 180x38x38 mm
  • Weight 220 g

To evaluate the effectiveness and reliability of an electroshock device, other parameters are also important, which are not indicated on this or on other sites. When you choose an electroshock device, pay attention to the impact power (for Class 1 ESU – 2-3 watts), the battery (lithium polymer batteries are the most effective), the warranty period, the length of the working electrodes (for transferring the discharge to the target through thick winter clothing, for example) and the distance between them (than the greater the distance, the higher the striking effect; the allowed distance in accordance with GOST R 50940-96 is up to 40 mm).

Let's analyze these characteristics by points:

1) Discharge voltage 50,000,000 Volts.

In accordance with GOST, Class 1 electric shock devices can have a discharge voltage of up to 90,000 volts. This is confirmed by their certificate of conformity. It is impossible to obtain a value of 50,000,000 Volts if voltage measurement is carried out in accordance with GOST R 50940-96.

2) Spark generation frequency 350 Hz.

In this video, you can hear that the stun gun YB-1230 uses a low-frequency electric shock arrester (at a spark generation frequency of 350 Hz, single discharges would not be audible). This means that the stun gun is able to have a short-term painful, but not paralyzing effect.

3) The thickness of the breakdown of clothing is 60 mm, that is, the largest distance from the working electrodes of the device to the target when used depends on the distance between the control electrodes (an idle discharge passes between them). The thickness of the breakdown of the clothing of any stun gun is two times less than the distance between the control electrodes. As can be seen in the photo, the YB-1230 stun gun has two semicircular electrodes. In the gap between them (along the shortest path), an idle discharge passes. The diameter of the head of the stun gun is 38 mm, and the shortest distance between the electrodes is about 10-15 mm, which gives a real breakdown thickness of about 5-7.5 mm.

Chinese shocker for self-defense

4) The time of recovery from the shock state is 60 min.

Such a damaging effect (loss of consciousness or coordination for a whole hour) would be dangerous for the life of the affected object. For this electroshock device, it is simply impossible to achieve such an effect.

5) Built-in flashlight 200 W.

On the uploaded video, you can observe the operation of the 200W flashlight. This is a large device that is able to fully illuminate the facade of the house.

For comparison, the work of the YB-1230 stun gun flashlight is demonstrated in the video uploaded earlier. As you can see, this is the brightness of an ordinary pocket flashlight.

7) Ease of operation. I also want to pay attention to the location of the fuse in this stun gun. It is located at the end of the handle – in the most inconvenient place, so that for its operation it is necessary to intercept the device with both hands. This is the most unergonomical location of the fuse for self-defense, which is used in a dangerous situation when there is no time to search for a fuse.

Chinese shocker for self-defense


If you want to buy a powerful stun gun for self-defense, choose a certified Class 1 electric shock device made in Russia by a licensed manufacturer.

Chinese stun guns can produce a loud blank discharge, but in a dangerous situation they will be effective against aggressive people or an angry dog.

A real stun gun can't be very cheap. In case of a limited budget, it is better to consider other means of self-defense, for example, pepper spray.

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