Section "Pseudo stunguns " was created to analyze the characteristics and effectiveness of cheap stun guns made in China. Due to the cheapness and ease of their sale, these stun guns are very popular among consumers. However, since most buyers have no experience with self-defense weapons and cannot verify the information stated, sellers can easily mislead them by providing unrealistically goodd characteristics and promising high efficiency of Chinese stun guns for self-defense.


CHEETAH TW-309 - Chinese stun gun

In previous articles we have reviewed in detail the following cheap stun guns:
- OSA-1101 Police;
- OSA-928 TYPE;
- YB-1320;
- Taser Stun Guns RD-5M.

In this article we will discuss GEPARD TW-309 stun gun. In one of the online stores where this stun gun is sold, it is indicated that it is also known by the names OSA TW-309 and JAGUARTW-309. In this article we will use the name GEPARD.

The price of the GEPARD TW-309 shocker is from 1500 to 2600 rubles (30-40 USD). It can be found in a variety of online stores and can be bought even on marketplaces

GEPARD TW-309 - Chinese stun gun

The rules of marketplaces prohibit the sale of weapons, which also include electroshock devices, since one needs a license, an room equipped for storing weapons, keeping a sales log, etc. to sell them. For this reason, certified electroshock devices made in Russia are sold only by gun shops and companies that have received the appropriate license.

In fact, GEPARD is not an electroshock weapon, does not have a certificate of conformity, it has not passed medical and biological tests and is not effective for self-defense. In the documents, it is likely called a "dog repeller" or simply an "electrical device", which allows to sell it without any control.


On various websites you can find information about the output voltage of an discharge starting from 25 kV (25,000 Volts) to 15,000 kV (15,000,000 Volts). Since the device is not certified the proper measurements of its electrical parameters are not carried out.

It is safe to say that the real voltage of GEPARD TW-309 stun gun does not exceed 25 kV (this corresponds to Class 3 stun guns). For comparison, civilian Class 1 stun guns have an discharge voltage from 70 to 90 kV. Parameters such as 15,000 kV cannot be obtained by measuring the device in accordance with GOST requirements.

Online stores provide only a very limited number of characteristics for this device.

Technical characteristics of GEPARD TW-309 stun gun:

  • Weight - 125 g,
  • Dimensions – 130x44x26 mm,
  • Warranty - 24 months,
  • Discharge frequency (Hz) - 320 Hz,
  • The thickness of penetrated clothing (mm) - up to 47 mm.

In addition, the stun gun is equipped with a wrist strap with a pin that can be pulled out of the device and that prevents unauthorized use. This is a really useful feature in case the enemy gets hold of the device.

The online shops don`t provide any information about the battery, power of influence (W), certification and even the service life of the product. As with other stun guns made in China, the manufacturer is not specified.

Similar tasers made in China have a primitive design and do not differ in the high quality of the components.

It is also worth noting an unusual solution for charging the battery: a plug is extended of the device, which is inserted into the adapter, after which the shocker can be plugged into the outlet.

CHEETAH TW-309 - Chinese shocker

Let's analyze some parameters:

1) Discharge frequency of the GEPARD stun gun is significantly lower than 320 Hz. It is enough to watch a video demonstrating the device operation – individual discharges can be seen and heard even without slowing down the video.

2) The thickness of penetrated clothing is determined by the distance between the control electrodes. If the distance to the affected object exceeds 1/2 of the distance between the control electrodes, the discharge will pass between them. As you can see in the photos and video, the distance between the control electrodes of the device is minimal. Based on the overall dimensions of the shocker – 130x44x26 mm - such a parameter is unarchievable. In fact, the discharge of GEPARD stun gun can penetrate clothes with a thickness of about 6 mm, not 47 mm.

3) The warranty is provided only by the seller (not the manufacturer). The store may refund the money or replace the defective device, if it kleads an honest operation, but you should not count on repairs or communication with the quality control department.


We do not recommend GEPARD TW-309 s stun gun for purchase. This device does not meet the stated characteristics and will not have the desired effect on the aggressor.

Electroshock devices (stun guns, tasers) are civilian self–defense weapons manufactured in Russia. We recommend choosing Class 1 stun gun, check for a certificate of conformity for it and the name and reputatiom of the manufacturer.

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