Stun gun  TW-309 - made in China

Stun gun TW-309 - made in China

Section "Pseudo stunguns " was created to analyze the characteristics and effectiveness of cheap stun guns made in China. Due to the cheapness and ease of their sale, these stun gu...

2023-04-18 14:27:00
Taser Stun Guns RD-5M

Taser Stun Guns RD-5M

In the articles of the pseudo stun guns section, we write in detail about the stun guns made in China - devices that are not suitable for self-defense due to their inefficiency and...

2023-04-11 14:56:53
YB-1320 - stun gun made in China

YB-1320 - stun gun made in China

In the previous articles we`ve talked about stun guns 928 TYPE and 1101 POLICE TYPE for self-defense. Their claimed correcteristics didn`t correspond to reality, and they were inef...

2023-01-30 01:02:22
Stun gun DYP-928 TYPE - made in China

Stun gun DYP-928 TYPE - made in China

In the previous article in the "Pseudo stun guns" section, we wrote about the OSA-1101 Police stun gun. In this article it was shown that the claimed characteristics of this device...

2022-11-30 19:44:35
Fake stunguns: 1101 Police

Fake stunguns: 1101 Police

The search "buy a stun gun for self-defense" produces the results for every taste and budget. Most of them have one factor in common – they have nothing to do with real electroshoc...

2022-10-26 19:37:15


Articles about Chinese stunguns on the Russian market from the self-defense weapons and police special equipment manufacturer ZAO OBERON-ALPHA. In this series of articles we will analyze the information about popular cheap stunguns for self-defense, their quality and the effectiveness of their use.

Our goal is to inform customers about products available in online and offline self-defense stores. Manufacturers and sellers of Chinese stun guns claim things about them that do not correspond to reality, mislead buyers and sell devices that are illegal on the territory of the Russian Federation (see section "Counterfeit: stun guns made in China with millions of volts power".

Chinese shockers

Photo: cheap stun guns, common on sale in the Russian Federation.

State regulations for electroshock devices strictly limit the parameters of the stun guns, and introduces classification based on the power of influence and discharge voltage. Class 1 electroshock device is made in Russia, has the discharge voltage from 70 to 90 kV and an impact power from 2 to 3 watts, a certificate of conformity, its safety for use has been confirmed by medical and biological tests. For buyers who have sufficiently studied the market and legal base of non-lethal self-defense weapons, these are the defining parameters. The further choice of a stun gun depends on personal preferences: contact or remote-contact stungun, a compact device or a stun baton that allows for mechanical impact, a removable or built-in battery, additional functions (flashlight, possibility of attaching additional devices, the possibility of carrying the stun gun in a holster, etc.).

But the buyer who for the first time encountered this problem and just searched "buy a cheap stungun" will see offers of stunguns with a voltage of 15,000 kV and a price of only 1-2 thousand rubles. It's hard not to give in to the temptation to buy a powerful stungun so cheaply. Unfortunately, these devices are not real electroshock devices, as defined in the law, and their real parameters do not correspond to those specified, so the money will be spent only on the illusion of security.

We hope that we will help customers avoid not only wasting money, but also dangerous situations when in a critical situation a cheap stungun will not show the expected damaging effect.


ZAO OBERON-ALPHA is a developer and manufacturer of electroshock weapons licensed in Russia. Our company specializes in the development, production and sale of class A special police equipment , as well as civilian electric self-defense weapons - powerful class 1 electroshock devices.

"OBERON-ALPHA" specialises in:
- Development and production of class A electroshock devices for police and legal entities with special statutory tasks.
- Development of police special equipment.
- Development and production of civilian electroshock devices (stun guns).
- Development and installation of protective electroshock devices – high-voltage barriers.